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Novel math could bring machine learning to the next level

2019-09-02 330 MachineLearning AI

A team of Italian mathematicians, including a neuroscientist from the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown (CCU), in Lisbon, Portugal, has shown that artificial vision machines can learn to recognize complex images more quickly ...
AI outperforms humans in speech recognition

2020-10-20 218 AI

Following a conversation and transcribing it precisely is one of the biggest challenges in artificial intelligence (AI) research. For the first time now, researchers of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) have succeeded ...
Shrinking deep learning's carbon footprint

2020-08-10 83 ai

In June, OpenAI unveiled the largest language model in the world, a text-generating tool called GPT-3 that can write creative fiction, translate legalese into plain English, and answer obscure trivia questions. It's the latest ...
AI method to upscale low-resolution images to high-resolution

2017-10-27 39 AI

Scientists at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Tübingen have used artificial intelligence to create a high-definition version of a low resolution image. While not pixel-perfect, the system produces a better ...
Scientists use artificial intelligence in new way to strengthen power grid resiliency

2020-08-21 34 AI MachineLearning

A new artificial neural network model created by Argonne scientists handles both static and dynamic features of a power system with a relatively high degree of accuracy.
AI tool summarizes lengthy papers in a sentence

2020-11-25 32 AI

Scholars have a nifty way of alerting colleagues to lengthy treatises that they find simply not worth their time to read.
AI Jesus writes Bible-inspired verse

2020-09-03 27 ai

AI has found religion.
Bolstering AI by tapping human testers

2020-09-26 26 AI

Advances in artificial intelligence depend on continual testing of massive amounts of data. This benchmark testing allows researchers to determine how "intelligent" AI is, spot weaknesses and then develop stronger, smarter ...
AI agent offers rationales using everyday language to explain its actions

2019-04-12 11 AI

Georgia Institute of Technology researchers, in collaboration with Cornell University and University of Kentucky, have developed an artificially intelligent (AI) agent that can automatically generate natural language explanations ...