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Machine learning is making pesto even more delicious - MIT Technology Review

2019-04-03 1,371 ArtificialIntelligence ai datascience MachineLearning agtech AgriTech

Researchers at MIT have used AI to improve the flavor of basil. It’s part of a trend that is seeing artificial intelligence revolutionize farming.
4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Will Drive Digital Transformation In Agriculture

2019-02-07 1,043 AI DigitalTransformation agtech IoT SmartFarming precisionag

One area many people are surprised to see changes from AI is agriculture. Here are 4 ways AI will drive digital transformation in Agriculture.
The flying AI robot that can harvest fresh fruit

2021-02-19 839 automation agritech AgTech

As farmers struggle to recruit seasonal workers due to COVID-19 travel curbs, an automated fruit picker is set to revolutionize the world’s harvest.
AI, Robotics, And The Future Of Precision Agriculture

2017-10-23 208 AI AgTech Bigdata

From analyzing millions of satellite images to finding healthy strains of plant microbiome, these startups have raised over $500M to bring AI and robotics to agriculture.
Artificial intelligence is changing the way we farm — Quartz

2019-07-24 197 ArtificialIntelligence agtech

The next great agricultural revolution is here.
IoT in Agriculture: A Bonus for All your Farming Activities - Data Science Central

2020-07-03 167 AgTech

How great would it be to monitor your fields remotely through a smart gadget? The Internet of Things is defining the new present and future of the farming worl…
Farmers use AI to catch disease and pests; it could be the future of agriculture - Business Insider

2019-11-08 153 AgTech agritech

Artificial intelligence allows farmers to increase yields by spotting pests and diseases early — and has led to a new wave of indoor growing startups.
Quel sera l'impact de l'intelligence artificielle sur l'agriculture ? - Actu IA

2018-02-27 152 agtech SmartFarming

L’intelligence artificielle apporte de nouveaux outils et bouleverse les processus existants dans de très nombreux domaines comme la santé, l’hôtellerie, l’industrie ou encore le management. Dans ce dossier, nous allons nous centrer sur l’agriculture car ce secteur connait depuis quelques années une véritable révolution numérique répondant aux défis économiques, sociaux et environnementaux actuels. Nous avons souvent …
How AI Is Transforming Agriculture

2019-07-05 134 Agriculture agtech ArtificialIntelligence

As the world population continues to grow and land becomes more scarce, people have gotten creative and more efficient about farming. Now the industry is now turning to AI to help yield healthier crops, control pests, monitor soil and growing conditions, organize data for farmers, and more.
How Self-Driving Tractors And AI Are Changing Agriculture

2019-04-28 119 artificialintelligence AGTECH

As artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomous machines become more common in agriculture, the industry is going through enormous changes. Ofir Schlam, CEO and co-founder of Taranis, a leading precision agriculture intelligence platform, recently shared more information about these changes,
10 Ways AI Has The Potential To Improve Agriculture In 2021

2021-02-17 117 AgTech

AI, machine learning (ML), and the IoT sensors that provide real-time data for algorithms increase agricultural efficiencies, improve crop yields, and reduce food production costs
AI, Robotics and the High-Tech Farm of the Future

2019-05-07 101 AgTech ArtificialIntelligence

Growing global population and climate change are together exposing a need for a revolution in the farming industry. AI offers solutions.
Agricultural Intelligence: What AI Can Do for Smallholder Farmers – Food Tank

2018-10-07 74 AGTech

Farmers are natural data scientists, and Big Data is creating information systems for farms that can make agriculture more efficient, profitable, and sustainable.
Agriculture Industry Moves Forward Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) To Improve Crop Management

2020-05-26 68 artificialintelligence AgTech

As global warming and the Covid-19 pandemic are showing us, too many people in the advanced world have taken the food supply chain for granted. It is more fragile than most people realize, and AI can have a powerful impact in mitigating the risk – starting at the source.
Intelligence Artificielle : Agtech Et Ses Innovations Prometteuses

2018-07-08 66 agtech

Voici 5 startups de la agtech qui veulent changer le monde tel qu'on le connaît aujourd'hui, afin de subvenir aux besoins de la population mondiale.
What The Future Of Farming Will Look Like Thanks To Technology

2019-06-03 64 Machinelearning AgTech

As the food industry continues to evolve, advanced technology is becoming a more prominent part of farming. In recent interviews, three experts shared their ideas about the future of farming and tech.
The 6 Most Amazing AI Advances in Agriculture

2018-03-28 61 AgTech

Most people don't associate cutting-edge technology with agriculture, but that is changing with the help of new developments in AI and ML.