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Will Artificial Intelligence (AI) put you out of a job? It actually might not!

2017-12-13 1,809

With the rise in automation capabilities, everybody is afraid of their job being taken away by a software or AI algorithm. But is the fear baseless?
Black, white and gray: multiple approaches to Artificial Intelligence

2017-12-16 1,736

Artifical Intelligence is going to have a deep impact on human lives. Whether it will be negative or positive impact remains to be seen.
Big data provides a gold mine of opportunities for Indian SMEs

2017-12-30 1,676

As Indian infrastructure improves, the country’s SMEs need to start giving serious thought to the idea of using Big Data to improve their businesses.
What AI and deep learning have in store for the year 2018

2017-12-26 1,660

As AI continues to make its presence felt in our lives, we take a look at what 2018 has in store, particularly from the deep learning perspective.
TCS says digital is the future, partners with Rolls Royce for industrial-digital IOT

2017-11-16 1,565

Neil Crockett, Chief Digital Officer of Rolls Royce, says this partnership enables the manufacturer to use the TCS platform for real-time analysis
AI in blockchain, defensive AI systems, manipulative chatbots will define 2018: FICO study

2018-01-16 1,399 Blockchain chatbots ChatBoT

2018 will be the year of artificial intelligence “operationalisation” as more services integrate AI systems in their core offerings.
AI and IoT: an imperceptible power changing the face of technology worldwide

2018-01-11 1,155

AI & IoT are no longer something you’d only encounter in science fiction. It’s gone beyond being the sole preserve of giant corporations with deep pockets.
In the era of Artificial Intelligence, Sahaj makes IT simple

2018-01-09 1,102

IT spending is projected at $3.7 trillion in 2018, up 4.3 percent from $3.5 trillion estimated for 2017, and the company wants to drive simplicity
How Artificial Intelligence is disrupting the insurance industry

2017-12-29 1,068 BlockChain

In a country with low insurance penetration, AI could be the solution to improve the reach and profitability of insurance companies in India.
'Artificial intelligence will complement human effort, not replace it,' say top CEOs

2017-11-17 1,042 ArtificialIntelligence

The panel discussed the ways in which converging technologies should be responsibly harnessed to drive growth, especially Artificial Intelligence
Ronnie Screwvala’s UpGrad bets on AI for job creations, after Cambridge now partners with IIIT-B

2017-11-24 706

UpGrad now has announced a partnership with IIIT-Bangalore to launch PG Diploma program in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence.
Big data certification courses that can bolster your career graph

2018-01-31 520

As data analytics and big data are in trend in the professional circle, a certification in the field is certain to help you enhance your prospects.
Blockchain use cases are real, but companies are yet to understand it

2017-11-21 451

The panel at the on-going Bengaluru Tech Summit, 'Blockchain Technology: Trends and Security,' said that Blockchain, the underlying technology, can make transactions being processed faster and identities will be managed and vetted on a real-time basis.
Building the right data science team for your business

2018-03-17 428

Algorithms don't change the business, only teams that understand the business outcomes with data will be able to scale up.
The world is challenged by a crisis of trust, a blockchain startup will fix this

2017-11-22 407

Blockchain ensures trust between strangers that transact digitally. Early adopters of this technology will be the ones who will disrupt the economics.
Privacy and data security in the IoT ecosystem

2017-12-11 395

IoT devices provide significant benefits to individual consumers across different aspects of their lives. Data underpins & delivers most of these benefits.
John Mcafee and Kohli Brothers all set to launch India’s biggest blockchain company

2017-12-05 369

BitIndia Wallet is an Open Source wallet, and can be accessed on mobile platforms as well as on the desktop via any web browser.
How marketers can better leverage artificial intelligence

2018-02-15 314

The ultimate role of AI in marketing is to add value & purpose to both brands and customers. AI can augment the idea & capabilities of human marketers.
Blockchain technology will make or break your business in the future

2017-11-23 286

With governments and corporates world over slowly realising the value in blockchain, it is indeed an exciting time in the financial world right now.