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Alibaba Claims AI Can Identify Coronavirus Patients With 96% Accuracy

2020-02-29 80

Alibaba reportedly said its artificial intelligence can detect new Coronavirus infections with 96% accuracy.
Google's Edge TPU Machine Learning Chip Debuts in Raspberry Pi-Like Dev Board

2019-03-05 27

Google launched its Coral dev board and USB Accelerator with embedded Edge TPUs, promising a large boost in machine learning inference performance for all IoT devices that integrate them.
Adafruit BrainCraft HAT Review: Easy AI on Raspberry Pi

2020-11-21 24

All in one board for machine learning and voice assistant projects.
IBM Develops Machine Learning Algorithm Fit for Quantum Computers

2019-03-13 23

IBM has developed a quantum computing-optimized algorithm that should allow for more advanced AI in the future.
Affordable AI: Nvidia Launches $59, 2GB Jetson Nano Computer

2020-10-05 20

The new Jetson Nano costs $40 less than its predecessor and comes with Wi-Fi.
Intel Partners With Asus On Machine Learning-Powered PCs

2018-06-05 19

Intel announced a new AI for PC Developer Program to provide machine learning (ML) tools and training for developers, as well as a partnership with Asus to build new ML-powered devices.
Nvidia Is Building Its Own AI Supercomputer

2017-11-13 16

Nvidia outlined its Volta V100 and AI ecosystem advances at Supercomputing 2017, including its own new system that should land in the top 10 of AI supercomputers worldwide.
U.S. Federal Agencies Issue Ambitious Roadmap For AI Development

2019-08-16 15

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Computing Community Consortium laid out the plans and roadmaps for standardizing and developing AI so that the United States can maintain leadership in this transformative technology.
Move Over GPUs: Startup's Chip Claims to Do Deep Learning Inference Better

2018-09-19 15

Habana Labs, a new AI chip startup, promises to deliver much higher inference performance than even a machine learning-optimized GPU.
Intel Stops Nervana Development, Shifts Focus to Habana

2020-02-02 14

Intel is stopping development of the Nervana NNP-I and NNP-T chips for deep learning. The company will fulfill its commitments to existing customers, but will shift focus to Habana.
Turing Pi Cluster Board Lets You Make a Raspberry Pi Server Rack

2020-04-25 13

The Turing Pi cluster board can support up to seven Raspberry Pi Compute Modules simultaneously.
Google Unveils 72-Qubit Quantum Computer With Low Error Rates

2018-03-06 13

Google unveiled that it's working on a 72-qubit quantum computer with error rates below 1%, which is what the company said it's required to have minimally useful quantum computers.
BFloat16 Deep Dive: ARM Brings BF16 Deep Learning Data Format to ARMv8-A

2019-09-21 12

ARM recently announced its intent to support bfloat16 in the next revision of the ARMv8-A architecture. This article takes a look at the rise of the new deep learning number format.
Intel Deep Dives on Nervana NNP-T: 27 Billion Transistors, 32GB of HBM2 Packed on 688mm-Squared Die

2019-08-20 12

Intel whips the covers off its newest neural network processor, which is, oddly enough, fabbed on TSMC's 16nm process.
Microsoft Adopts Machine Learning to Push Latest Version of Windows to Users

2019-06-19 12

Microsoft is using machine learning to automatically update users to Windows 10, version 1903.
Microsoft Details Azure AI and Machine Learning Improvements

2019-05-02 12

A week ahead of its Build developer conference, Microsoft is detailing progress and improvements to its Azure platform. The company has detailed steps in Azure with artificial intelligence and machine learning.
Seeed Studio Grove AI HAT for Raspberry Pi: Artificial, But Not Intelligent

2019-09-18 11

Billed as a tool for running artificial intelligence workloads at the edge, is the Grove AI Hat a cheap alternative to a Google Coral USB Accelerator?
Unsupervised Machine Learning Demonstrated On Quantum Computer

2018-12-19 11

Rigetti, a California-based quantum computing startup, announced that it was able to demonstrate unsupervised machine learning on its quantum computer, paving the way for other machine learning applications that take advantage of quantum computing.
Auctify Specs Smart Glasses Use Machine Learning to Try to Keep You Productive

2020-09-01 10

Auctify has revealed new smart glasses that claim to boost your productivity.
Arm Announces Machine Learning Processors For ‘Every Market Segment’

2019-10-23 10

The company also announced new GPU IP for mid-range devices and new display processor IP targeting lower-end devices.