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Accenture awarded Patent for Machine Learning module to select Quantum or Classical Computing - TechSutram - Blockchain, Cloud computing, IoT, AI and Startups

2019-07-01 39

Accenture today announced that it has been granted a US patent for a "quantum computing machine learning module". The patent describes a mechanism to train artificial intelligence (AI) models. These trained AI models further determine whether quantum computing or classical computing methods are best suited to handle computational tasks.
Hitachi Vantara acquires Containership Kubernetes Platform - TechSutram - Blockchain, Cloud computing, IoT, AI and Startups

2020-03-14 29

Hitachi Vantara announced the acquisition of Kubernetes start-up Containership. Containership enables customers to easily deploy and manage Kubernetes clusters and containerized applications in the public cloud, private cloud, and on-premise environments.
Artificial Intelligence Startup, Nodin Secures USD 5 Million - TechSutram - Blockchain, Cloud computing, IoT, AI and Startups

2019-04-01 24

Nodin announced that it has secured a seed funding of USD 5 Million. Nodin also said it will soon launch its AI-driven augmented analytics platform. Founed in 2005, Colorado based Nodin was previously called as Appli. The company develops SaaS-based platform delivers real-time and automated business insights. Anschutz Investment and Liberty Global Ventures are the primary investors in Nodin.
AI startup Cogniac secured $10 Million -

2020-10-03 21

Cogniac, a California based provider of an enterprises class Artificial Intelligence image and video analysis platform has now secured $10 million in
Accenture launches Cloud First group with 3 Billion Investment -

2020-09-21 20

Accenture formed a 'Cloud First' group with 3 Billion in investment in a span of three years. The group intends to accelerate the digital transformati
Tech Mahindra and Smart Energy Water partner to accelerate Digital Transformation -

2020-09-13 20

Tech Mahindra has now collaborated with the Smart Energy Water (SEW) to scale up the digital transformation in the energy and water utility segment.
NVIDIA launches EGX platform to Bring Real-Time AI to IoT Edge Devices - TechSutram - Blockchain, Cloud computing, IoT, AI and Startups

2019-06-04 20

NVIDIA recently announced NVIDIA EGX platform enabling consumers to carry out low-latency AI tasks at the edge. Tasks that demand AI processing at the edge are to understand and act immediately on continuous streaming data among 5G base stations, warehouses, retail stores, factories and almost any firm using their 5G data.
Baidu announces Automotive AI version of DuerOS for Apollo - TechSutram - Blockchain, Cloud computing, IoT, AI and Startups

2019-04-26 20

Baidu recently announced its automotive version of conversational AI platform, DuerOS for Apollo at the 18th International Automobile & Manufacturing Technology Exhibition. Automotive AI version of DuerOS for Apollo platform will feature in international and China's domestic automobile makers including Ford Escape and Edge ST, Great Wall Haval H6, Chery EXEED TX/TXL, Hyundai SANTA FE, and KIA KX5/KX3, says the announcement.
Juniper Networks to acquire 128 Technology for AI Driven WANs -

2020-10-23 19

Juniper Networks announced its intent to acquire 128 Technology for $450 million in cash and equity.
Nokia announced End-To-End 4G And 5G Slicing Network - TechSutram - Blockchain, Cloud computing, IoT, AI and Startups

2020-03-03 19

Nokia recently launched its new end to end slicing network functionality for the 4G and 5G New Radio, claiming to the first vendor to offers this capability.
NeuraLegion secured $4.7 Million in Funding -

2020-10-17 16

NeuraLegion, an Israel based application security platform enabling DevOps professionals, developers, and application security specialists to secure w
Twitter acquires Deep Learning Startup, Fabula AI - TechSutram - Blockchain, Cloud computing, IoT, AI and Startups

2019-06-08 16

Twitter announced that it has acquired London-based Fabula AI. The financial terms of transactions are not disclosed. The announcement noted that Twitter has established a research group lead by Sandeep Pandey. The research groups look into areas like natural language processing, reinforcement learning, ML ethics, recommendation systems, and graph deep learning.
Tableau brings AI capabilities to its Analytics Platform - TechSutram - Blockchain, Cloud computing, IoT, AI and Startups

2019-09-20 15

Tableau announced the general availability of Explain data that brings a new set of AI capabilities to its analytics platform.
AWS launches Amazon Kendra, Machine learning based Search Service -

2020-05-14 14

Amazon Web Services (AWS) has now revealed a machine learning-powered internal data search service for enterprises.
Juniper Networks to acquire SaaS-based service assurance platform Netrounds -

2020-10-03 12

Juniper Network has agreed to acquire Netrounds.
AI Startup analyzing Medical Malpractice Claims, Justpoint secured $1M in Seed Funding -

2020-09-08 12

Justpoint, a New York-based startup that uses the Artificial Intelligence for analysis of individual medical malpractice claims, has now secured $1 mi
Microsoft partners with OpenAI, Invests USD $1 Billion - TechSutram - Blockchain, Cloud computing, IoT, AI and Startups

2019-07-25 12

Microsoft and OpenAI announced their partnership to extend Microsoft Azure’s capabilities in large-scale AI systems. As a part of the partnership, Microsoft will be investing $1 billion in OpenAI. OpenAI and Microsoft share their common vision for artificial general intelligence technologies to solve currently intractable multidisciplinary problems, including global challenges such as climate change, more personalized healthcare, and education, notes the announcement.
Red Hat and Samsung partner for 5G and Kubernetes-based Networking for Service Providers -

2020-10-03 11

Red Hat and Samsung are now collaborating for 5G network solutions built on top of Red Hat OpenShift, an enterprise Kubernetes platform.
Fujitsu's AI Disaster Mitigation Technology to Predict River Flooding - TechSutram - Blockchain, Cloud computing, IoT, AI and Startups

2019-08-21 11

Fujitsu recently announced Technology based on Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create flooding predictions for rivers. The mathematical models used to predict river flooding are developed with limited data on rainfall and water levels, the announcement notes. AI Technology helps disaster prevention authorities to take early preemptive action to mitigate damage due to flooding.
Coop Sweden expands strategic deal with TCS to accelerate its Digital Journey -

2020-09-18 10

TCS has now expanded its deal with Swedish grocery retail chain Coop Sweden to develop a new digital core as part of the FMCG Company’s business trans