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Tech Emergence - Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Insights

2017-10-20 2,683 MachineLearning AI BigData fintech ArtificialIntelligence DataScience DeepLearning DigitalTransformation healthcare healthtech Blockchain VoiceRecognition cybersecurity eCommerce insurtech FutureOfWOrk

TechEmergence is an artificial intelligence market research firm. We help companies and institutions gain insight on the applications and implications of AI and machine learning technologies.
What is Machine Learning? - An Informed Definition

2018-06-24 1,168 DataScience

We asked 6 machine learning experts (including machine learning "godfather" Dr. Yoshua Bengio) to define "Machine Learning" as simply as possible:
Machine Learning in Finance - Present and Future Applications

2018-01-25 942 machinelearning AI Fintech insurtech Chatbot DataScience

In this particular article, we'll explore: Current applications of artificial intelligence in finance, Potential future applications (and their impact on...
Machine Learning in Robotics - 5 Modern Applications

2017-11-27 916 AI MachineLearning FinTech DataScience Insurtech

In this article we explore 5 distinct examples of machine learning's influence on the robotics field, including Computer Vision, Imitation Learning, Mult...
Deep Learning Applications in Medical Imaging (Present Use Cases)

2017-10-22 720

Medical imaging broke paradigms when it first began more than 100 years ago, and deep learning medical applications that have evolved over the past...
AI in Banking - An Analysis of America's 7 Top Banks

2017-11-03 344

In this in-depth article we'll explore the AI use-cases at the top seven US banks (rank-ordered by their size) starting with JPMorgan Chase, the larges...
3 Waves of AI Transformation in Industry - Pattern Matching, Ubiquitous Access, and Deductive Reasoning -

2018-01-31 322

The following article about artificial intelligence for UX has been written by Josh Sutton, Global Head, Data & Artificial IntelligenceRead More...
7 Applications of Machine Learning in Pharma and Medicine

2017-10-26 321 Insurtech

In this detailed article, we provide a breakdown of seven pioneering ML applications in pharma and medicine, and provide insight into areas for conti...
Valuing the Artificial Intelligence Market, Graphs and Predictions

2017-11-14 242

In this article we provide a short consensus on well-researched projections of AI's growth and market value in the coming decade, and to provide referen...
Artificial Intelligence in Insurance - Three Trends That Matter -

2017-10-20 233 insurtech fintech ArtificialIntelligence

Change is here, more is coming. The insurance market is dominated by massive national brands and legacy product lines thatRead More...
Machine Learning Healthcare Applications - 2017 and Beyond - Tech Emergence

2017-12-01 186 Healthcare

In this article we explore 9 present (and future) applications of machine learning in healthcare, including Diagnostic Imaging, Treatment Suggestion, Rob...
7 Applications of Machine Learning in Pharma and Medicine

2018-10-18 173

In this detailed article, we provide a breakdown of seven pioneering ML applications in pharma and medicine, and provide insight into areas for conti...
Artificial Intelligence in Retail – 10 Present and Future Use Cases

2017-11-02 167 DataScience

In this article, we cover a 10 unique examples in which AI is being integrated in the retail industry, broken down into Sales and CRM Applications, Custo...
Machine Learning Algorithms for Business Applications – Complete Guide

2017-12-19 141 fintech datascience

In this article, we’ll survey the current landscape of machine learning algorithms and explain how they work, provide example applications, share how oth...
Artificial Intelligence Industry – An Overview by Segment

2018-01-03 132

This article explores the industry categories used by media and research firms who have attempted to dissect the artificial intelligence field, including...
Everyday Examples of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

2017-10-24 120 AI MachineLearning

What are examples of artificial intelligence that you're already using—right now? In this article we explore the real world applications of AI that alrea...
Machine Learning Marketing – Expert Consensus of 51 Executives and Startups -

2018-01-23 84

When it comes to business applications of machine learning, marketing is always near the top of the list. Modern digitalRead More...
Machine Learning for Managing Diabetes: 5 Current Use Cases

2018-01-08 83

This article explores 3 main areas of machine learning applications for diabetes management: Glucose Monitoring Systems, Nutrition Coaching, and Early Diagnosis Tools. We've combined video and short descriptions to explain the applications quickly, along with...
Managing the Risks of AI - A Planning Guide for Executives

2018-10-07 77

Learn how executives can think through the ethical questions relating to how AI might manifest in their business, and how they should do so before adoption.
AI in Transportation - Current and Future Business-Use Applications

2018-02-27 70

Learn more about how artificial intelligence is being applied in the transportation industry.