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AI Is Already Entertaining You

2017-10-31 91

How technology endowed with creative intelligence changes the way companies generate and distribute content.
Responsible AI is even more essential during a crisis

2020-06-16 90

Rolling out innovative technologies carefully and strategically can build trust.
How Robots Will Transform the C-Suite

2019-01-09 87 FutureofWork CSuite

Senior executives need to lead a workforce that seamlessly blends human talent and automation.
What the Top Innovators Get Right

2018-11-16 85

With careful attention to six key areas, companies can make the most of their R&D investment and outpace the competition.
The Dangerous Necessity of Relying on Bots

2017-10-21 82

Algorithms and AI can help a company achieve massive scale, but they bring with them new risks.
How to build disruptive strategic flywheels

2019-06-24 77

Gaming, artificial intelligence, and deep learning are paving the way for dynamic and resilient 21st-century business models.
Five Standards for Responsible AI Use

2019-04-14 73

Business leaders must implement artificial intelligence in a principled way to optimize customer experience and earn people’s trust.
The Four Building Blocks of Transformation

2019-04-06 72

How to lead the disruption of your own enterprise.
How Smarter Phones Will Transform Tech, Media, and Telecom

2018-06-11 72 AI

A new generation of devices, powered by artificial intelligence, could be in consumers’ hands within a few years.
Artificial Intelligence, Ratings, and the Small Print

2018-09-17 69

Can crowdsourcing and algorithms improve the customer experience when it comes to data privacy and terms of service?
How Balanced Is Your Organizational DNA?

2018-03-13 66

Both formal and informal elements have the power to make or break a new strategy.
What is fair when it comes to AI bias?

2019-04-12 64 ResponsibleAI

It’s not the algorithm behaving badly, but how we define fairness that determines an artificial intelligence system’s impact.
10 Principles for Modernizing Your Company’s Technology

2019-04-02 62

Today’s technology platforms are not just new versions of legacy systems. They allow you to design a completely new digital enterprise — as long as you follow these guidelines.
Team Human vs. Team AI

2019-02-05 60

To make artificial intelligence live up to its promise, we need to understand and reframe the values implicit in the technology.
Meet modern compliance: Using AI and data to manage business risk better

2020-10-22 58

The combination of data analytics and artificial intelligence can give organizations a competitive advantage and mitigate risk along the value chain.
The Four Building Blocks of Transformation

2018-11-04 58 FutureofWork

How to lead the disruption of your own enterprise.
When Prediction Gets Cheap

2018-08-08 56

In their new book, a trio of Rotman School professors demystify artificial intelligence for business leaders.
Ears wide open

2019-07-10 52

Voice-activated technology and devices are creating new media, entertainment, and marketing businesses built on the age-old power of simply listening.
At Oracle, Great Technology Is Not Enough

2018-01-12 51

In the first interview in this series, which kicks off PwC’s 2018 CEO Survey, chief executive Safra Catz explains the broad culture shift brought on by AI and cloud technologies.
Team Human vs. Team AI

2019-04-05 50

To make artificial intelligence live up to its promise, we need to understand and reframe the values implicit in the technology.