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10 Principles for Winning the Game of Digital Disruption

2017-12-04 866 Ai Machinelearning Iot Fintech FutureOfWork insurtech

It’s time to take today’s technological threats seriously and change the way you do business.
Artificial Intelligence: What to Expect in 2018

2018-01-24 719 CyberSecurity FutureofWork

Eight ways that AI is likely to reshape business in the next 12 months. For further insights, see PwC’s study.
10 Principles for Leading the Next Industrial Revolution

2017-10-21 541 iiot iot

Tools and techniques to ensure your company will stand out in the new age of digitization.
Why Haier Is Reorganizing Itself around the Internet of Things

2018-03-03 391

The world’s largest and fastest-growing home appliance company has always moved ahead of technological change. Now, as it enters a world of sensors and artificial intelligence, it is shifting the way it does business yet again.
The Future of Artificial Intelligence Depends on Trust

2018-07-31 274

If it is to drive business success, AI cannot hide in a black box.
The New Class of Digital Leaders

2017-11-30 272

Faced with organizational challenges, more and more companies are hiring an executive to manage their digital transformation.
How Artificial Intelligence Can Make Us Better at Being Human

2018-11-08 244 AI

The surprising ways machine learning can pick up when we fail.
A Strategist’s Guide to Artificial Intelligence

2017-10-21 214 ArtificialIntelligence FutureofWork

As the conceptual side of computer science becomes practical and relevant to business, companies must decide what type of AI role they should play.
AI Predictions You Can’t Afford to Ignore in 2019

2019-01-21 165 AI

Despite all the information you’re reading about artificial intelligence, and all the efforts business leaders are making to come to terms with it, there are still some takeaways you should consider in the coming year. Here are seven.
Five Standards for Responsible AI Use

2018-12-10 150 ArtificialIntelligence

Business leaders must implement artificial intelligence in a principled way to optimize customer experience and earn people’s trust.
10 Principles for Winning the Game of Digital Disruption

2019-04-07 145

It’s time to take today’s technological threats seriously and change the way you do business.
What Happens When Machines Know More About People than People Do?

2017-10-20 144

Artificial intelligence may learn to track predispositions and personality traits, turning our inner personalities into a detectible second skin.
Democratizing artificial intelligence is a double-edged sword

2020-06-15 140

More access to AI tools means more innovation, but the process of providing this access must be carefully managed.
Is AI the Next Frontier for National Competitive Advantage?

2019-01-22 128 Digitaltransformation

Businesses should get involved as governments devise national AI strategies to encourage innovation, protect citizens, and compete globally.
3 Steps to Building Trust in AI

2018-08-07 127

It is human nature to distrust what we don’t understand, and much about AI may not be completely clear.
The Magic of Predicting Demand from Data

2018-01-15 115 Machinelearning datascience

Demand sensing is a key element of a real-time, connected supply chain ecosystem and can kick-start digital transformation.
Why AI Will Create Jobs

2018-05-29 112 FutureOfWork

Even in a world of robots, continuous education can keep people employed.
Understanding the Potential of Artificial Intelligence

2018-12-05 108

Daniel Hulme, CEO of the AI solutions startup Satalia, offers other chief executives a primer on the technology that will shape the future of work and business.
Digital Champions

2018-08-02 96

The interlinked platforms that make up Industry 4.0 represent a new kind of challenge for manufacturers and other technology-intensive companies. With four key business ecosystems, they can make this new world their own.
10 principles of workforce transformation

2019-09-27 94

How to raise the skills of your employees to meet your digital challenges.