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Why emotionally intelligent AI is the way forward for chatbots

2018-05-23 1,282 ArtificialIntelligence BlockChain bots chatbots emotionalintelligence healthcare FutureOfWork

Emotionally intelligent AI could revolutionise business areas from marketing and communications to healthcare and transport.
AI strategy for business - how to implement it successfully

2018-05-23 908 AI ArtificialIntelligence

Artificial intelligence is a smart software tool with seemingly unlimited potential, but many organisations need to devise a holistic AI strategy
Five ways quantum computing will change cybersecurity forever - Raconteur

2017-12-23 858 CyberSecurity IoT

A new generation of quantum computing has the potential to transform cybersecurity. Still years away from the mainstream, quantum power is nevertheless a reality, a certainty and an inevitability
Smart Shopping - Raconteur

2018-03-16 798

Automation is now more than just a buzzword in retail.
The rise of artificial intelligence in fighting cancer - Raconteur

2017-12-06 695 healthcare

Enlisting artificial intelligence to fight cancer raises the hope of winning the prolonged war against this despised disease
The role of AI and machine learning in personal data security - Raconteur

2017-12-18 639 MachineLearning insurtech CyberSecurity

Are we entering a new age of behavioural tracking with the emergence of artificial intelligence and machine-learning, will this offer new levels of personal data security and will our behaviour online become the only password we need?
Artificial intelligence adoption continues its progression into the mainstream

2018-02-21 526 artificialintelligence BigData

It has been nibbling away at the fringes, but artificial intelligence is poised to chomp its way into the mainstream
The customer must be at the centre of the digital strategy - Raconteur

2018-03-06 522

Break down internal barriers to deliver highly tailored products and services
Artificial intelligence continues its progression into the mainstream - Raconteur

2018-07-31 505 artificialintelligence ai

It has been nibbling away at the fringes, but artificial intelligence is poised to chomp its way into the mainstream
How you can transform your sales performance using artificial intelligence

2018-07-31 387 ArtificialIntelligence

The human touch is integral to sales -and will continue to be- but today's customers want to see digital savvy too, and artificial intelligence can help.
Skills for the future - Raconteur

2018-11-12 354 FutureofWork MachineLearning

Debate of the relative benefits of university education and work-based courses, particularly apprenticeships, rages on. But without doubt the UK faces a serious skills gap which must be filled by providing the training and qualifications the economy needs
Is it smart to outsource all your AI? - Raconteur

2018-08-06 311 Bigdata

Outsourcing may be the only way to access cost-effective expertise in artificial intelligence, but beware of the possible pitfalls
Industry 4.0 - Raconteur

2018-03-26 293 IoT

Automated manufacturing has the potential to kickstart the UK economy, but requires new skills and training for the workforce. The Industry 4.0 special report, published in The Times, looks forward to the ways in which connected devices will transform the manufacturing process, investment needed to ensure the UK is not left behind by powerhouses overseas, as well as a compelling take on why it’s time for sustainability to get radical. Also featured are five top cyberthreats to the internet of[...]
AI in cybersecurity: is this a new tool at the hackers' disposal?

2019-02-26 248 Cybersecurity

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help make cybersecurity quicker and more efficient, but it can also do this for hackers...
AI in HR: how it could help and what you need to be doing

2018-11-08 202 futureofwork hrtech FutureofHR

Contrary to popular belief, rather than replacing people in the workplace, AI could support HR by freeing up time to be human.