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Machine Learning Can Now Solve Climate Change - Here's How

2020-06-24 357

Climate change impacts are worsening over time. Can Climate change and artificial intelligence go hand in hand? Read more to find out how this is possible!
Top 5 Sources For Analytics and Machine Learning Datasets - GreatLearning

2020-09-13 317

Finding suitable machine learning datasets relevant to the use case is essential. Let us have a look at various sources having quality data for ML problems.
Transfer Learning in Computer Vision a case Study

2020-04-19 298

Transfer Learning in Computer Vision: This article on computer vision concepts talks about transfer learning, and methods and hacks to train networks with reasonable accuracy.
Machine Learning and Information Security: Impact and Trends

2020-02-06 168 cybersecurity

In both routine and structural changes to Information Security, MLplays an increasingly important role and will continue to do so, read to know more!
Machine Learning Tutorial For Complete Beginners - GreatLearning

2020-08-10 129

Machine learning tutorial is designed to get you started with Machine learning. Here we cover all the topics necessary to make your first ML model
What is Image Recognition?

2020-06-08 111

Image recognition refers to technologies that are used to identify different images of objects. Here we use a convolutional network to recognise animals.
3 Machine Learning Models Spotify Uses to Recommend Music you’ll Like

2020-05-05 101

Spotify uses three forms of machine learning models to recommend music that we might like. Learn what these three forms below!
Pattern Recognition in Machine Learning - An Introduction

2020-02-11 47

Pattern recognition in machine learning: This is used in almost every industry today be it technical or non-technical, especially for analysis and visualization. Know about how pattern recognition works in machine learning.
Top 20 dataset in Machine Learning - GreatLearning

2020-07-01 38

Thorough knowledge about the best 20 datasets which are available freely. Download and use them for your data science projects.
Application of Deep Learning - Infographic - GreatLearning

2020-03-18 38

Deep Learning is a subset of ML that creates artificial neural network algorithms to learn from large amounts of data to make intelligent decisions.
Top 17 Artificial Intelligence Books for Beginners in 2020

2020-03-19 33

Artificial Intelligence Books 2020: Here we compiled a list of 17 best Artificial Intelligence books for beginners that are suggested by various AI experts. Read these AI books, which will surely help you to find your way around learning Artificial Intelligence.
5 common mistakes while working with machine learning algorithms - AnalyticsWeek

2020-06-05 32

Perfection is achieved only by making mistakes. Same holds true when you work with machine learning algorithms to build models. Most of the time, it is not obvious how to proceed and navigate at the beginning and professionals are bound to make mistakes, especially those who are a novice in the ...
Linear Regression in Machine Learning - GreatLearning

2020-03-06 32

Here we explain linear regression in Python. A model originally from statistics, has now been borrowed by machine learning.
Artificial intelligence against Diabetes and COVID-19 - GreatLearning

2020-06-24 31

Artificial Intelligence has multiple applications in the healthcare domain. We have also seen many AI solutions being developed to identify symptoms of COVID-19 among patients. Here’s one such case of AI-based screening of visitors at Mumbai railway stations to identify COVID-19 symptoms. Also, the application of Artificial Intelligence in adjusting insulin dose to control glucose …
Introduction to Support Vector Machine - Great Learning

2020-03-24 30

Most of the industries are deeply involved in ML and are interested in exploring different algorithms. Support Vector Machine is one such algorithm.
A* Search Algorithm in Artificial Intelligence

2020-10-17 27

A* Search Algorithm: Here you can know about the importance, advantage of A* search algorithm in AI, and how it is different from other techniques.
Machine Learning Framework Algorithm to recognise handwriting

2020-03-29 27

Handwriting Recognition with Machine Learning: Check how Machine Learning (ML) can help out people to recognize handwriting of others.
100+ Must-Know Data Science Interview Questions to grab Your Dream Job

2020-08-07 26

Read the list of frequently asked 70+ data science interview questions and answers for freshers as well as experienced data scientist candidates.
Introduction to Autoencoders - Deep Learning

2020-05-06 24

Autoencoders are a specific type of unsupervised neural networks in which the output layer has the same dimensionality as the input layer. They are specifically used in image denoising and dimensionality reduction.
Chaining Techniques in Artificial Intelligence - Great Learning

2020-10-23 23

Chaining Techniques in Artificial Intelligence: Inference Engines work in two ways, which came to be known as forwarding chaining and backward chaining. Have a detailed look at these chaining processes.