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2018-12-11 76

Design articles and white papers on industrial, retail, healthcare, smart city, automotive, surveillance, and communications. Get the latest IoT and embedded design ideas on everything from automated cars to smart factories.
AI and IoT Power Self-Serve Health Clinics

2019-08-22 23

What if people could get a checkup without going to a doctor? More would get healthcare advice, helping to enhance their well-being. Read how AI and the IoT enable self-serve health assessments.
13 Top IoT Influencers

2019-07-09 20

Interested in AI, IoT, and 5G? This list of top IoT influencers on Twitter has the latest industry news and events.
5 Steps for Machine Learning and Predictive Maintenance

2018-06-05 20

Machine intelligence can be used to reduce maintenance costs and predict when components will fail, but handling the sheer amount of data these monito...
Bringing AI and Computer Vision to the Industrial Shop Floor

2019-03-21 19

Computer vision is quickly becoming a must on the industrial shop floor. With a twist on the usual implementation strategy, companies can integrate capabilities faster and more efficiently than ever.
POC Shows What’s In Store for Retail Analytics

2020-10-20 18

Can retailers really get the data they need to create the personalized—and safe—experiences customer want today? Read how AI and CV are turning brick and mortar shops into intelligent stores.
Edge-ifying Machine Learning for Industrial IoT

2018-08-01 18

Machine learning is transforming the industrial sector. But to make the most of this new technology, you need a way to augment cloud computing with ed...
Retail Tech Chat Episode 1: AI Innovations for the Customer Experience

2020-10-14 17

The pandemic put retail technology at the forefront of the customer journey. AI has taken on new roles in the checkout lane, digital displays, and equipment servicing. Hear how merchants can adapt.
AI and Deep Learning Put Robots to Work

2019-09-17 17

What happens when robots move hospital supplies from storerooms to operating rooms? Healthcare workers can be more productive. Read how AI, computer vision, and deep learning make it possible.
AI Fever Detection Checks Crowds, Protects Privacy

2020-09-19 16

Fever screening stations are costly and invasive. See why a network of thermal cameras is a better way to continuously protect your facility.
AI Powers the Internet of Trains

2020-01-27 16

How can rail operators head off problems before they become dangerous or expensive? Edge computing helps them collect, store, and use real-time data, even as they're on the go. Find out how.
Why Intel® Xeon® Processors Pivoted to AI

2019-06-17 16

The 2nd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processor family (formerly Cascade Lake) significantly accelerates AI and deep learning performance thanks to new technologies like Intel® DL Boost.
How Manufacturers Can Push Past the AI Tipping Point

2020-04-11 14

What’s holding back the smart factory? A lack of AI-ready infrastructure. Here’s how an enterprise AI platform solves the problem by uniting everything from machine sensors to ERP systems.
IoT Dev Chat Ep. 12: Hot AI Trends for 2021

2021-01-11 13

What’s next for AI, deep learning, and machine learning? Listen in for predictions on the next hot applications, how developers can burnish their skills, and thoughts on ethical AI.
Transforming Customer Service Through the Power of Voice

2020-11-11 13

What could your staff do with an always-on intelligent voice assistant? Retail communications can take on a whole new look.
The Smart Factory Makes a Quick Turn

2020-08-25 13

In these formidable times, manufacturers are recommissioning production lines to produce much-needed PPE. But fast redeployment is not an easy task. Learn how one company makes it possible.
Ed Tech Personalizes Student Engagement

2020-04-21 13

How can teachers assess every student’s engagement in crowded classrooms? Find out how AI and computer vision are making it easier for teachers to teach and students to learn.
AI and Thermal Imaging Streamline Temperature Checks

2021-01-22 12

As people return to work, shopping, and events, entry-point temperature checks are a common practice. How can this be achieved in an efficient way? Thermal heat detection systems make it possible.
Enhance Campus Life with Video Analytics

2020-01-03 12

What happens when computer vision and AI can provide new campus-wide insights? Colleges can not only improve safety, but maximize infrastructure for better experiences and cost savings. Find out how.
Everything AI at embedded world 2021

2021-02-18 11

With embedded world 2021 going all-digital, it’s easier than ever to discover the latest in AI and advanced programming techniques. Listen in for a sneak preview of the must-see conference sessions!