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Machine learning and big data: a new dimension in online banking security

2017-11-17 2,029 MachineLearning BigData CyberSecurity

Machine learning and big data are having a positive impact on customer experience, as well as producing extensive benefits for banks
Getting ready for the industrial internet of things - Information Age

2017-11-13 1,690 IIoT IoT

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is set to transform manufacturing, logistics and supply chain dramatically over the next few years
Can artificial intelligence save the National Health Service?

2018-01-11 959

The continued plight of the NHS is well documented and is an ongoing national crisis. Could AI save the UK's health service?
The Internet of Things: The security crisis of 2018?

2018-01-26 849

Manufacturers must pause in their race to join the IoT gold rush and think seriously about security standardisation
AI startup founders reveal their artificial intelligence trends for 2021

2021-02-17 801 artificialintelligence DataScience healthcare

From AI's increased use across industry to the challenge of data, 16 AI startup founders reveal their artificial intelligence trends for 2021
Use cases for AI and ML in cyber security - Information Age

2020-09-08 554 machinelearning cybersecurity ArtificialIntelligence

We explore how artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) can be incorporated into cyber security
The combination of artificial intelligence and the cloud

2018-03-05 553

The combination of AI and the cloud is very real, already happening, and will change the entire game in terms of business scalability
The rise of artificial intelligence in business and society

2018-03-09 536 DeepLearning BigData

The disruption caused by AI will take place in three key areas: point of entry (incident and request creation), automated backend processes and knowledge management
Using AI intelligently in cyber security - Information Age

2018-01-02 525 cybersecurity ArtificialIntelligence Infosec

Overstating the capabilities of AI as a cyber security tool could leave organisations exposed to cyber attacks
Developing a scaling strategy for IoT - Information Age

2020-09-04 524

With Internet of Things (IoT) networks continuing to add more devices, we explore how to go about developing a scaling strategy for IoT
3 industries saving billions with cognitive machine learning

2018-03-08 503 DeepLearning

Machines are being used to combat a problem costing global industries up to $20 billion a year in unscheduled downtime
How will artificial intelligence impact UK consumers lives?

2018-02-15 452

A report from Accenture, which was released yesterday, has found that rapid advancements in technologies – including AI– are enabling companies to not just create innovative products and services, but change the way people work and live
AI and analytics accelerating digital workplace transformation

2017-10-22 428 AI

The idea of the digital workplace is well and truly taking shape, as emerging technologies help drive this transformation
The evolution of artificial intelligence - Information Age

2018-01-22 419 Iot BlockChain

As artificial intelligence evolves and seeps into people's lives, it will impact how they work, live and grow
EXCLUSIVE: Women in the cyber security industry

2017-11-29 413

In an exclusive interview with Information Age, a female exec discusses why it is important to get more women in the cyber security sector
NHS prioritising cyber security to improve patient care and trust

2017-11-22 407

Training has been identified as a significant opportunity for medical staff to support the NHS in the prevention of successful cyber attacks
The advantages of industrial IoT: Making companies secure

2018-01-16 394

An ever growing increase in mobile technology has created a fast-paced society that is accustomed to instant demand
Blockchain: Funding the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

2017-11-12 366

Industry 4.0 will be founded on interconnected networks that diminish the need for broker activity by digitising the process
Analysts and AI: A winning combination - Information Age

2017-12-07 349 Machinelearning

Artificial intelligence is crucial in helping analysts achieve more in day-to-day operations, and drive innovation
Understanding the maturing role of AI in RPA

2019-03-27 302 ArtificialIntelligence

When an RPA initiative fails, some say it's because the robots weren't smart enough but is the lack of AI in RPA really to blame?