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How to Accelerate the Use of AI in Organizations - THINK Blog

2017-12-08 1,874

Open any business publication or digital journal today, and you will read about the promise of AI, known as artificial or augmented intelligence, and how ...
IBM Think 2018

2017-12-08 1,568 AI data think2018 IoT think IBMThink IBMPartner Think2019 hybridcloud automation Think2020

Discover what the world is thinking at Think 2018, IBM's first business event to go beyond IT conference, exploring cloud technology, data analytics & security.
Join us at the Genius of Things and LEAP the four hurdles to IoT readiness

2018-01-10 1,314

Watson IoT in Boston - showcasing the ways IoT 2.0 creates deeper, value-rich customer relationships and leaps the hurdles of digital transformation.
IBM Registration Form

2017-12-08 1,171

4 tips for better engaging your customers
Now available: Watson Virtual Agent Premium Edition for Enterprise clients - Watson

2018-01-11 863

We’re pleased to announce that the Premium Edition of Watson Virtual Agent is now available. The Premium Edition has the same capabilities as the St...
City of Tomorrow: The Integration of Everything: Internet of Things Blog

2018-01-07 760

A summary of some points from Ben Stanley's presentation at IAA 2017, on changing patterns of consumer integration and engagement with their vehicles.
IBM & Samsung team up to empower field technicians with mobility

2017-12-09 741

Mobility is driving the future of field service management. IBM & Samsung announced a partnership to improve mobile capabilities for field technicians.
ZF, UBS and IBM bring blockchain to in-vehicle payments

2018-01-15 734

IBM, ZF and UBS revealed an exciting project today: to develop the first blockchain-based automotive transaction platform for mobility services.
The cognitive effect on automotive: Internet of Things Blog

2018-01-07 695

The paper 'The cognitive effect on automotive' examines 500 automotive executives' thoughts about cognitive technology in the automotive industry.
How the Internet of Things and water utility companies are making a splash

2018-01-09 679

We don't think about water unless it's gone. With the IoT, utility companies can ensure that water is always available and the infrastructure is in order.
Laptops and Lederhosen: meet Sepp, Motel One’s robot employee

2018-01-14 674

Motel One's stylish new hotel in Munich comes with a surprise: a robot employee! Sepp can greet customers, answer questions and looks great in Lederhosen.
Combining AI and IoT could make your business smarter

2018-01-08 667 IoT InternetOfThings

Coupling the Internet of Things (IoT) with artificial intelligence (AI) can lead to next-level solutions and experiences.
Golden State Foods and IBM Watson IoT set new standard in foodservice

2018-01-07 662

IBM and Golden State Foods are working together to embrace two big opportunities for growth and change in the food services industry.
How IWMS, IoT and Analytics raise building occupancy experience levels

2018-01-15 652

How can organizations use IWMS and artificial intelligence to optimize occupancy experiences? Here are 5 examples of smarter building transformation.
Genius of Things 2017: Shanghai: Internet of Things Blog

2018-01-07 647

At the IBM Genius of Things event in Shanghai, Zach Jory explores the drivers behind new Internet of Things innovations in China.
IoT weekly round-up: Thursday 5th October 2017 - Internet of Things Blog

2018-01-15 638

This week, the connected world brings you new Echos, edible sensors, a talking fish and an augmented reality art platform from Snap.
Manufacturers usher in the fourth Industrial Revolution with IoT

2018-01-07 638

The introduction of Internet of Things (IoT) has manufacturers ushering in the fourth industrial revolution, also known as Industry 4.0.
A behind-the-scenes look at the technology behind your electricity

2018-01-15 637

How do utility companies ensure our homes and businesses are always powered with electricity? Asset management plays a critical piece in the equation.
The future of automating all types of work - Cloud computing news

2018-08-14 624

Automating work frees us from mundane, repetitive business tasks and helps provide access to better information to better serve customers and the business.