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The noise around AI

2019-09-02 48

AI is being touted as a transformative technology for the media space, but audio was an early adopter, writes Kevin Hilton.
From AI to mixed reality: Inside Microsoft’s Future Decoded event

2017-11-10 45

The themes of mixed reality, artificial intelligence and quantum computing took centre stage at a Microsoft-hosted tech event in London.
8 tech trends of 2017

2018-01-04 38

The relentless pace of technological change continued to accelerate in 2017. Here is a recap of some of biggest trends of the past twelve months.
The future Is artificial: AI adoption in broadcast and media

2017-11-22 38

Artificial intelligence is just at the start of its adoption curve, according to research conducted by the IABM.
Google's vision: AI at "every step" of production

2017-11-02 37

Machine learning (ML) is an integral part of Google’s plans for hosting cloud-based production and delivery tools, according to Jeff Kember, Technical Director for Media in the office of the CTO at Google.
How AI is being used to boost the creative process

2018-07-14 32

From newsrooms to sports and TV production, AI is already being used to speed up and boost the creative process. But could it replace humans altogether?
Artificial intelligence: A round-up of products with AI as a central function

2020-08-18 28

AI and ML are now at the core of a growing number of products and tools in the broadcast and media industries. Anne Morris rounds up some of the latest launches which are leveraging these technologies.
Webinar: Transforming live sports production with Artificial Intelligence

2018-04-18 25

Join IBC365 on Thursday 24 May at 4pm to hear key players discuss real world experience of the role AI is taking in live sports.
Getting to grips with AI in broadcasting

2017-11-15 24

Artifical Intelligence (AI) promises much, but what is the underlying technology and how can it benefit the media industry?
Engaging users and boosting advertising with AI

2019-07-15 23

Join IBC365 on Thursday 8 August to explore how artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used to engage with consumers in the new digital market.
Is AI the future of sports production?

2018-07-06 21

Programmers have taught AI platform IBM Watson to learn the meaning behind expressions, fan reaction and body language, allowing Wimbledon to get highlights from Centre Court online faster than ever before.
Artificial intelligence transforming broadcasting

2017-10-21 16

Artificial intelligence was arguably the hottest topic at IBC2017, but what can broadcasters hope to achieve by investing in the technology?
The rise of AI and the decline of VR

2018-04-11 15 VirtualReality

Multi-platform delivery, 4K/UHD, IP infrastructure and artificial intelligence (AI) are the growth areas of investment in media technology according to the latest analysis from the IABM released at NAB.
CES day 1 round-up: Wearable tech and AI personalisation

2018-01-10 14

IBC365 contributor Amelia Kallman is at CES in Las Vegas to look at the latest consumer tech that have on the media and entertainment industry.
AI: Building the future of broadcast

2018-08-22 13

Artificial intelligence technology is swiftly moving from experiment to practical use across production workflows and into the heart of content creation.
Artificial Intelligence: Ready to add more value to your content

2018-08-14 13

The media market is once again teeming with innovation. This time though, the innovation is not about better picture quality or improved signal processing, but it really lies within metadata, says Hexaglobe Chief Executive Frank Coppola.
Artificial intelligence in the real world

2017-11-24 13

While there are an increasing number of real world applications from vendors using artificial intelligence to automate and speed up processes, legislation - including the forthcoming EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) - is catching up .
Video: Cyber hunting using Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

2018-09-16 12

IBC2018: Arqiva Chief Information Officer Denis Onouha explores Machine Learning and Artifical Intelligence potential to track and kill cyber threats.

2020-09-15 11

Technical paper: This paper introduces principles for simplification of learned models targeting improved transparency in implementing machine learning for video production and distribution applications.
Winning audience engagement with artificial intelligence

2019-08-20 11

Broadcasters and platform operators are employing artificial intelligence to engage audiences, grow revenues and deliver personalised content guides.