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How To Address The Limits Of Artificial Intelligence - GE Reports

2017-12-13 377

Heather Roff explains how animals can help us usefully think about the limitations of artificial intelligence, even as we celebrate its potential.
A Scanner Smartly: How Artificial Intelligence Is Making Healthcare Imaging Quicker, Kinder And More Efficient - GE Reports

2019-12-03 31

The music festival Lollapalooza is held every year in downtown Chicago, but that’s nothing compared to the gathering that’s been …
Signal Boost: This AI Can Help Take Magnetic Resonance Images To The Next Level - GE Reports

2020-01-13 29

Taking the perfect selfie is an exercise of trial and error. We snap, study and delete, until we finally capture …
Just What The Software Ordered: This AI Could Help Finnish Doctors Spot Cancer - GE Reports

2018-01-14 26

In 2014, three young men from far-flung parts of the world teamed up in Finland with an audacious plan that …
True Detectives: These Human Owls Are Using AI-Enhanced Ultrasound To Catch Cancer - GE Reports

2019-12-05 17

Not much gets past Chad McClennan and his elite detective squad of owls (yes, you read that right). The “chief …
AI Healthcare Expert: Doctors And Machines Make A Brilliant Match - GE Reports

2017-12-05 13

It’s kind of a no-brainer that Dr. Keith Dreyer would be among those who lead the advance of artificial intelligence …
The GE Innovation Barometer 2018

2018-02-16 12

The GE Innovation Barometer report presents you the results of an opinion survey of the world's most trusted senior business executives. This will help you better understand the way businesses adapt their innovation practices and strategies in today's challenging economic environment.
Judgment Call: Why GE Is Experimenting With ‘Humble AI’ - GE Reports

2019-03-06 10

Here’s a nightmare story for you: Machines, endowed with artificial intelligence, get smarter than their creators, take charge and attempt …
Laser Focus: Machine Learning Will Give 3D Printers Eyes - GE Reports

2019-01-21 10

Just a few years ago, it would take GE engineers more than 800 parts to build a third of a …
The 5 Coolest Things On Earth This Week - GE Reports

2018-06-07 8

New tech could help patients manage diabetes and prevent vision loss, hydrocarbon-hungry bacteria might eat up pollution on land and …
Machine Learning and Analytics: Process Engineers Don’t Have to Be Data Scientists

2021-04-07 7

Today, staying competitive means progressing with machine learning and analytics. Fortunately, the journey to success doesn’t require that process engineers need to be data scientists. In this on-demand webinar, you will learn how to align engineering domain expertise to five capabilities: Analysis - automatic root cause identification accelerates continuous improvement Monitoring – early warnings reduce downtime and waste Prediction – proactive actions improve quality, stability, and rel[...]
Virtual Energy: Artificial Intelligence Will Help Run Nuclear Reactors Of The Future

2020-08-10 7

Nuclear power plants can produce huge amounts of electricity while keeping their carbon footprints at relatively low levels, compared to power stations that burn fossil fuels. But building, maintaining and operating a nuclear plant is also relatively expensive. To make sure these plants remain competitive, the U.S.
Fast Forward: This Tech Accelerator Is Bringing Digital Twins To America’s Capital - GE Reports

2018-11-29 7

The U.S. military has the world’s largest aircraft fleet. With 5,500 Air Force planes, 5,000 belonging to the Army and …
An Eye For AI: Software Provides An Easier Path For Power Line Safety Inspections - GE Reports

2018-10-18 6

In 2003, Mother Nature turned off the lights on the East Coast. The reason: a short circuit a hot summer …