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Having A Heart Attack? This AI Helps Emergency Dispatchers Find Out

2018-01-11 1,196 AI HeartAttack

The time between calling 911 and the ambulance arriving can be critical for saving heart attack victims, but the person on the phone may not know what’s happening: this AI parses non-verbal clues to help diagnose from a distance.
For Tech’s Deepest Problems, Women Are The Canary In The Data Mine

2017-11-24 1,011

Silicon Valley veteran and “Lean Out” author Elissa Shevinsky on why a workplace that is hostile to women is a sign of severe problems in other areas.
Machine learning is a sweet way to tell if honey is fake

2019-01-23 789 MachineLearning

One of the world’s most adulterated foods could get a new authenticity test, thanks to software that has “learned” to recognize certain grains of pollen.
A Year Ago This Guy Was A Janitor. Now He’s Coding For

2017-10-28 739

The decades-old learning institution Per Scholas and coding bootcamp General Assembly want to build a Silicon Valley tech worker pipeline out of places like the Bronx.
5 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Help Save The Planet

2018-02-12 570 Bigdata AUTOMATION climatechange

From smarter electric grids to automated monitoring of at-risk environments, there are many areas where technology could have exponential effects on sustainability.
The AI Guru Behind Amazon, Uber, and Unity Explains What AI Really Is

2017-11-29 493 ai ArtificialIntelligence

Computers aren’t conscious, but they can now think for themselves, says Danny Lange, who’s built machine-learning platforms for three tech giants.
How AI has shaped every Amazon business

2018-10-05 476 AI Amazon ArtificialIntelligence

An exclusive look at how AI shapes every aspect of Amazon’s business, from its warehouses full of products to your Echo smart speaker.
The 10 most innovative artificial intelligence companies of 2020

2020-03-10 458 artificialintelligence

Graphcore, Nvidia, and eight other companies pushing the art of AI forward.
Why Stitch Fix is one of Fast Company's Most Innovative Companies of 2

2019-11-04 388

CEO Katrina Lake’s e-commerce retailer uses data science to find you the best-fitting clothes you’ve ever worn
EKG-Reading Kardia Band Is First Apple Watch Accessory To Get FDA Clea

2017-11-30 384

AliveCor, the company behind the accessory, is led by ex-Google exec Vic Gundotra.
How Amazon, Google, Microsoft, And IBM Sell AI As A Ser

2017-10-20 373

The tech giants with cloud computing businesses are using artificial intelligence offerings to distinguish themselves and win business.
Algorithms Can’t Tell When They’re Broken–And Neither Can We

2018-03-28 357

When algorithms go haywire (and they do) we often don’t know what caused the problem, or even that the problem exists.
The Most Important Tech Trends Of 2018, According To Top VCs

2018-01-02 347 esports MachineLearning

From saving energy to helping humans help machines, this year’s investments will try to help startups make more progress in areas that already matter.
Now Is The Time To Act To End Bias In AI

2018-02-28 322 AI MachineLearning DeepLearning

As decisions made by algorithms come to control more and more aspects of modern life, we need to act swiftly to make sure those decisions are actually fair. As of right now, they’re often not.
A 14-Year-Old Made An App To Help Alzheimer’s Patients Recognize Their

2018-01-25 317 girlsinSTEM

After watching her grandmother struggle to remember her own family members, the young coder Emma Yang decided to figure out how to use AI and facial recognition to help her–and others coping with the illness.
Everyone's talking about ethics in AI. Here's what they're missing

2019-06-14 300 aiethics

The rush toward ethical AI is leaving many of us behind.
Insitro’ s Daphne Koller on AI and drug discovery

2020-06-14 274

Machine learning can speed up the creation of new drugs and unlock the mysteries of major diseases, says Insitro CEO Daphne Koller.
Artificial intelligence that improves job performance

2018-10-24 271 artificialintelligence HRTech FutureofWork

AI-powered tools are everywhere. The challenge lies in deploying them so they actually do some good.
Four New AI Tools That Will Help You Be More Productive

2017-11-15 266 AI

Not all robots want to take your job: These artificial intelligence tools are designed to make you better at work.
Microsoft wants to use AI and data to take on climate change

2019-04-16 253

In a broad new set of sustainability commitments, the company wants to use its tech to develop tools to monitor and find insights in environmental data.