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The Insane Amounts of Data We're Using Every Minute (Infographic)

2018-06-10 2,885

More than 470,000 tweets, 2.1 million snaps and 50,000 Instagram photos are posted every 60 seconds.
5 Sectors Blockchain Is Disrupting That Are Not Cryptocurrency

2017-12-17 1,847 CyberSecurity

Cryptocurrency is just the start. Blockchain could make elections unhackable and provide flawless cybersecurity.
These Smartphone Companies are Leveraging AI to Stay Ahead of the Game

2017-11-23 1,116 BlockChain

One in three smartphones to be shipped in 2020 will natively embed machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities at the chipset level.
Big Data Combined With Machine Learning Helps Businesses Make Much Smarter Decisions

2018-01-29 992 MachineLearning BigData martech DeepLearning datascience iot

Machine learning unveils the hidden potentials of big data to solve complex business problems.
How Blockchain Is Creating a New Future for Digital Marketing

2017-11-16 991 BlockChain

The transparent nature of blockchain data will allow companies and customers alike to feel more secure.
5 Reasons to Make Machine Learning Work for Your Business

2021-03-16 865 MachineLearning

How this innovation can be a competitive advantage for any business, including yours.
Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize the world of art and creativity

2020-11-10 861 Startup artificialintelligence machinelearning AudioVisual

Runway is a Chilean startup that developed an Artificial Intelligence platform that is already used in the United States to create audiovisual, musical and art productions.
3 Competitive Advantages of Deep Learning for Your Company

2018-03-12 833

Benefits range from tireless accuracy to job creation to cost savings. It's a brave new world.
Why Bitcoin Is the MySpace of Cryptocurrencies, But the Blockchain Is Here to Stay

2017-11-28 805

Why blockchain, not bitcoin, is the real treasure of cryptocurrency.
Stop Fixating on the 'Artificial' in AI Because It's Actually an Evolution of Our Own Intelligence

2017-12-18 762 ArtificialIntelligence

Systems that work alongside human intellect will make the most of technology to improve lives, safety and performance.
Entrepreneur - Start, run and grow your business.

2017-11-04 742 AI Blockchain StartUP

Advice, insight, profiles and guides for established and aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. Home of Entrepreneur magazine.
3 Powerful Uses of Machine Learning in Marketing

2019-08-26 723 AI MarTech data

Machine learning is proving to be powerful for brands and marketers alike. Here's how.
How Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Cyber Security Landscape and Preventing Cyber Attacks

2019-09-14 669 AI CyberSecurity CyberAttacks artificialintelligence DataScience IoT Cyberattack InfoSec DataBreach

Whether it is Network Security, behavioral analytics, vulnerability management or phishing detection, AI and deep learning tools are indispensable while dealing with cyber security.
Don't Worry So Much. Robots Are Mostly Doing the Work People Hate Anyway.

2018-01-03 658 FutureOfWork

Robots are perfect for the mundane, repetitive work that nobody wants to do but somebody has to do.
6 Ways Top Influencers Are Implementing AI and Machine Learning to Grow Their Followers

2019-04-26 645

Social media stars use everything at their disposal to increase their reach.
4 Ways You Can Use AI to Enhance Every Step of the Customer Journey

2018-01-25 577 AI

For artificial intelligence to work effectively, you need to have a strong data foundation.
From Online to Offline: How Brands Use Big Data to Figure Out Where Their Customers Will Shop

2018-03-06 539

Ecommerce brands are using big data to open stores exactly where their customers want them.