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Could Governments Run By Artificial Intelligence Be A Good Thing?

2017-10-20 1,249

What role can technology and artificial intelligence play in enforcing laws, organizing labor and welfare, and improving society?
How AI And Bots Are Shaping The Banking Experience

2017-10-22 807 fintech Chatbots ArtificialIntelligence

India's most valuable bank is leveraging AI to offer conversational interfaces, such as humanoids and chatbots, to transform customer experiences.
Charted: Lessons from Machine Learning Fast Learners

2018-02-22 529

Companies that are benefiting soonest from their investments in machine learning have gained by going all in, according to a recent global survey by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and SAP.
Top AI Trends For 2018: Self-Driving Everything, Algorithms

2018-01-26 276

To weather the coming storm, it's important to know what AI is capable of, but the key isn't to compete with it – it's to double-down on the human skills that got you where you are today.
AI Makes Organizations More Humane

2018-01-10 269 futureofwork Artificialintelligence

Here are some of the biggest challenges the workplace of the future faces, and some of the ways AI and advanced technology can help address them.
What Does AI Bring To Marketing?

2018-02-16 247

Artificial intelligence is poised to revolutionize most aspects of operational marketing, leaving more time for things like storytelling and community.
What The Intelligent Enterprise Means For Media Companies

2018-10-18 244

Becoming an intelligent enterprise demonstrates that you care about how your customers perceive your company and enjoy your brand offerings.
Human Is The Next Big Thing

2018-01-11 234

As digital technologies become the norm, the challenge for organizations is effectively merging human talent and digital business to harness new capabilities.
2018 Outlook For Machine Learning

2018-01-02 227

Technologies augmenting human potential at work are no longer dreams of the future. But how will they evolve, and what will the trends in 2018 look like?
Winning In The Experience Economy

2019-05-06 225

The experience economy has more than taken off; delivering an exceptional experience has now become the expectation, not the exception.
Using Machine Learning To Turbocharge Financial Services Innovation

2018-03-20 211

There is huge potential to bring efficiency and effectiveness to a new level by injecting AI and machine learning into the financial services business. But challenges remain.
What's Now And Next In IoT-Driven Supply Chain Innovation

2018-03-19 204

Learn four ways IoT paired with artificial intelligence enables supply chains operations to run fast, nimble, and intelligent enough to stay competitive in today's high-speed global marketplace.
The AI Gold Rush: Artificial Intelligence And Machine Learning

2018-10-08 186 MachineLearning artificialintelligence

Emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning are creating a new "gold rush" of opportunity. How will your organization strike gold?
Disruption! AI! GDPR! In All The excitement, One Thing Brands Can't Afford To Forget

2018-02-02 184

As brands experiment with new ways to engage audiences, authenticity must permeate each interaction. Your credibility depends on it.
Artificial Intelligence: Is It Smart To Be Dumb?

2018-01-09 158

When building trust in AI, start small. A good first step is to start incorporating automation into your finance department, specifically RPA.
4 Ways The Butterfly Effect Will Shape Emerging Technologies In 2018

2018-02-12 143

Heightened emphasis on the IoT, AI, and machine learning is positioned to deliver a future that is enhanced, connected, and optimized for all of us.
Tech Unknown With Kirk Borne: Connecting Islands Of Innovation

2019-05-16 140

Most enterprises have siloed departments pursuing digital transformation. How can you unify these efforts for organizational change? Kirk Borne discusses.
The Power Of Personalization Technology In Banking

2018-02-08 138 fintech

Facial recognition, fingerprint IDs, predictive analytics, and other personalization technologies enable financial services to deliver the services customers want while keeping them – and their money – secure
By 2020, Artificial Intelligence Will Touch Everything. How?

2018-02-16 129

By 2020, more or less everything will be touched by artificial intelligence. But how? Surprisingly, it comes down to a handful of activities.
Tales From Tech Unknown: Extraordinary Stories From Tech Leaders

2019-08-15 128

Tales from Tech Unknown explores the human forces that drive technological innovation through seven amazing interviews.