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How Bringing Machine Learning Into Marketing Improves Business Results

2019-06-12 1,130

How machine learning intersects with the marketing function.
11 Industries Being Disrupted By AI

2018-04-27 921 AI DataScience artificialintelligence healthcare Fintech Insurtech

AI is predicted to be one of the next big digital disruptions, but some places are already feeling its impact.
Can Machine Learning Ride to Information Management's Rescue?

2018-03-03 817

Introducing machine learning capabilities to enterprise search makes it possible to break down information silos that were previously insurmountable.
The AI and Machine Learning Revolution Is Coming for Content Marketing

2019-02-15 703 ArtificialIntelligence DigitalMarketing MarTech

The conversation will soon stop revolving around whether you should use AI and ML and will be about whether you were an early or late-adopter.
The Future of Customer Experience Is AI: Are You Ready?

2018-04-09 660 CustomerExperience CX ChatBot martech custexp

Soon, almost half of all digital transformation initiatives will be supported by some sort of cognitive computing or AI effort.
The Time Is Now: How to Incorporate Machine Learning Into Your Business Today

2019-03-25 612

Businesses can’t ignore machine learning if they want to compete in the future.
Stop Thinking AI vs. Human, Think AI With Human

2018-11-14 604 artificialintelligence

A number of cutting edge organizations are viewing AI as a way of supplementing human intelligence.
Artificial Intelligence Strategy: 7 Things to Consider Before Getting Onboard

2018-02-27 591

Everyone is jumping on the AI bandwagon. Here are 7 reasons you may need to think before you leap.
How AI is Reshaping the Business World

2017-10-20 588

Acclaimed physicist, author and educator Stephen Hawking has claimed that artificial intelligence may cause the end of civilization as we know it.  While I don't think we’re headed for a di
Big Data and Search: The Time for Artificial Intelligence Is Now

2018-01-26 532 BigData Analytics AI BlockChain

It's time to think about incorporating artificial intelligence into your search and big data systems -- but be aware of the challenges.
Why Artificial Intelligence Will Create More Jobs Than it Destroys

2018-01-09 523

Despite reports to the contrary, many analysts believe AI will create more jobs than it destroys.
Is 2018 the Year When the Future of Work Finally Becomes ... Work?

2018-01-19 517 FutureofWork gigeconomy

Can we all agree to just call the future of work ... work?
IBM Brings Artificial Intelligence to Salesforce Quip, Box's London HQ, More News

2018-01-26 497

IBM and Salesforce deepen their partnership for better digital workplaces and more news
10 Artificial Intelligence-Driven Technology Trends for 2018

2017-12-08 494 BigData ArtificialIntelligence

In 2018, organizations will turn to AI-driven technology for a ompetitive edge
Why Organizations Are Turning To Artificial Intelligence

2018-02-15 481

Organizations that want to stay ahead of the competition should be experimenting now to understand the impact of AI on their niche and workplace.
What Is Deep Learning and How Does it Relate to AI?

2018-04-19 471 MachineLearning BigData datascience IoT fintech insurtech

As AI becomes more ubiquitous it is important to understand the distinctions between its various forms.
3 Ways AI and Automation Aid Personalization

2019-09-11 459

How is AI and the automation it provides benefiting brands on the front end, specifically with personalization initiatives?
Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Workplace Quicker Than We Think

2018-02-26 330 ArtificialIntelligence futureofwork

Artificial intelligence may soon be an everyday feature in workplace technologies. Here's a look at the changes it will bring and what you should do to prepare.
How Artificial Intelligence is Impacting Today's Enterprise Workplace

2018-02-07 302 digitalworkplace artificialintelligence

While most would say artificial intelligence (AI) hasn't had a huge affect on their jobs, these practitioners and analyst are already feeling it's impact.
7 Ways Artificial Intelligence is Reinventing Human Resources

2018-03-12 298 HRTech futureofwork

AI has been creeping into the workplace and employers are looking to use it to improve employee experience. Here are 7 ways its changing the role of HR.