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The Internet of Things in 2018: Eight Trends to Follow

2017-12-22 2,088

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been the hottest and most debatable topic throughout 2017 and the buzz regarding IoT is unlikely to die down in 2018.
Convergence of Big Data, IoT and Cloud Computing for Better Future

2017-12-20 1,919

The convergence of IoT, big data and cloud provides new opportunities in all the sectors. It has the potential to revolutionize many aspects of our society.
The Spectacular Growth of Artificial Intelligence Today

2021-03-19 1,831 artificialintelligence

Today, artificial intelligence has transformed the business environment drastically. Here are few examples in which growth of Artificial Intelligence can be seen today.

2019-06-16 1,037

Aren’t Artificial Intelligence Systems Racist?

2021-03-21 1,036 artificialintelligence

Artificial Intelligence is the future. Artificial Intelligence Systems recognize face of people, AI model are trained to categorize the photos on what was pictured making it racists often. As a result AI racism is a much debated topic.
Toyota Is Using Artificial Intelligence To Build A New City

2021-03-15 930

Toyota is building a futuristic city in Japan, powered by artificial intelligence and robots. With dedicated roads for self-driving vehicles and test AI technologies to enable smart cities.
How Big Data Is Changing the Landscape in Legal industry

2017-12-27 871

Legal sector is is eyeing for better prospects in the field of analytics. The sector has been in peril with new rumors of robot lawyers coming soon.
Potential of AI and Machine Learning to Stop Bot Attacks

2020-09-01 772

The vast majority know about automated bots like AI powered chatbots are really software applications that can utilize artificial intelligence to interact with human users to achieve a task. Read how does AI and Machine Learning can stop bot attacks to ensure a secure business environment.
Are You Staffing Your Artificial Intelligence Teams Right?

2021-04-01 768

To optimize your artificial intelligence teams, it is important to find the right talent with the right skills to run the processes. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you.
Big Data Analytics: For the Governments of the Future

2018-01-16 705

Data analytics for governments is an expeditiously expanding field. It offers intriguing contingency that when scrutinized and enforced
Data Science is Cremated in 2020. So, Is Business Science Gaining Spotlight?

2021-01-10 683

Data science is fading in the technology radar due to emerging trends like workflow automation, data products and higher-value work. Experts opine that business science will take over the place of data science in future.
Review 2021: Top 10 Machine Learning Companies

2021-02-02 509 MachineLearning

Machine learning companies leverage facilities like risk management, performance analysis and reporting, and automation. Analytics Insight has listed top 10 machine learning companies of 2021 based on their quality, reliability and ability.
Top 10 Edge Computing Companies to Watch in 2021

2021-01-29 506

With the demand for edge, the number of vendors offering edge services in on rise. Some of the top 10 edge computing companies in 2021 are, ClearBlade, EdgeConneX, Mutable, Saguna, Cato Networks, Edge Intelligence, Vapor IO.
Deciphering Extinct Ancient Languages with Machine Learning

2020-10-22 461

Reports show around 31,000 languages existed in human history, but now roughly six thousand languages are spoken in the world. MIT researchers have proposed a new system to decipher extinct ancient languages.
Machine Learning Model Deployment Made Easy

2021-02-07 450

With an enormous number of automated machine learning platforms and/or tools available to tackle model deployment, it is therefore important to choose the right one after having adequate knowledge about the technicalities offered.
Artificial Intelligence is a Great Detector Tool

2019-01-20 450 ArtificialIntelligence MachineLearning cybersecurity Bigdata DataScience

In an inexorably digitized world, cyber attacks are growing in volume, ending up considerably more complicated in cyber security. Artificial intelligence text analysis enhances the capacity to monitor and distinguish criminal movement. Artificial intelligence recognize dangers and risks is a useful detector tool.
Understanding Deep Learning vs Machine Learning

2021-01-18 409 MachineLearning DeepLearning

Deep learning v/s machine learning - subsets of AI is one of the most discussed topics. The main distinction between deep learning and machine learning derives from the presentation of data to the framework.
Applications of Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

2019-11-23 373 ArtificialIntelligence MachineLearning BigData BlockChain Datamanagement

Artificial Intelligence is turning into a significant staple of innovation, scarcely any individuals comprehend the advantages and weaknesses of AI and Machine Learning innovations. Here are the leading-edge applications of machine learning and artificial intelligence.
DATA is the New Ruler: A Blue Ocean Shift

2018-01-20 353

Data is everywhere, everyone is running after data, collecting data and just storing data to turn businesses into revenue factory.
Artificial Intuition: A New Generation of AI

2020-09-10 349

Advanced cognitive analytics is only one of the fast-evolving advances organizations need to understand. A sort of artificial intuition and cognizance through algorithms is one aspect of that machine intelligence (MI) in Artificial Intelligence.