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India can be the laboratory that leads the world into the Fourth Industrial Revolution

2018-11-26 68 Blockchain

Be it AI or Blockchain, what works in India — with its inherent diversity, complexity and scale — will work in the world.
Big Data and AI — tools of the Fourth Industrial Revolution that can help beat Covid-19

2020-05-25 47 Covid19

Countries are adopting highly data-driven approaches to battle Covid-19, using big data to create databases that track and predict the spread of the disease.
Covid made companies AI friendly, but consumers are yet to trust it

2020-08-30 44

The role of Artificial intelligence is now crucial in helping countries to adapt, stay safe & improve how we live and work. But transparency and ethics are key.
Lancet withdraws controversial study linking HCQ to higher Covid deaths over data issues

2020-06-05 33

Three of the four authors of the study apologised to The Lancet's editors and readership for any embarrassment or inconvenience their published findings may have caused.
AI is taking jobs & humans are missing the big picture

2019-04-24 29

Most tech companies are focusing on replacing people with AI with an eye on short-term profits instead of using it to create new tasks for humans for long-term growth.
Covid has been hard on journalism. AI can help — without taking your job

2020-05-17 23

The journalism world is not keeping pace with the evolution of new technologies. Newsrooms need to take advantage of what artificial intelligence can offer.
How AI can be used in policing to reform criminal justice system

2020-03-21 22

The use of AI has been adopted in policing in India, while Hong Kong & China are creating smart systems that may render prison breaks a relic of the past. 
How AI is helping reopen factory floors safely in a pandemic

2020-07-24 20

It is becoming increasingly clear that Artificial Intelligence and Big Data will drive not only employee productivity, but also the safety of the workforce.
Trump is a machine-learning algorithm gone wrong

2020-04-25 19

In the age of the novel coronavirus, Trump's running low on data from his usual sources of information —campaign rallies, polling and Fox News.
Robot dogs join US Air Force for major exercise, could be 'key to next-gen warfare'

2020-09-14 18

The robot dogs — four-legged, headless, mechanical creatures — were made to exit an aircraft and look for signs of danger at Nellis Air Force Base in the US state of Nevada.
Covid could have been AI’s moment in sun. But it isn’t as flexible as humans yet

2020-07-25 12

The pandemic has reminded us of just how quickly humans can adapt existing knowledge, skills and behaviours– something that highly-specialised AI systems just can’t do.
Power consumption can explode with increasing use of artificial intelligence

2020-07-22 11

A flood of new devices are getting internet connections, generating more data and increasing the need for more computing power with AI to make sense of the new information.
Now AI can conduct your job interview at Tata Consultancy, Unilever, Marriott

2019-12-07 10

It will no longer be easy to smooth talk your way into a job because an AI-bot will see through you faster than a human can.
Self-driving cars try UV rays to kill coronavirus to assure riders

2020-08-28 9

Voyage and May Mobility, autonomous-vehicle firms that charge riders to go on specialised routes, are putting UV-light emitters in their shuttles to help keep services running.
HIV boosts coronavirus risk of death three fold, South African data shows

2020-06-11 9

The country's Western Cape province health department analysed almost 13,000 cases, including 435 deaths, to show the 'interplay' between HIV and Covid.
Surgisphere, the Indian-American founded tiny data firm at the centre of HCQ-Lancet storm

2020-06-05 8

Sapan Desai, a 41-year-old surgeon, is the founder of the analytics company that prompted the retraction of two scientific articles, including one that spurred WHO to pause its drug trial.
Russia's Sputnik vaccine to first be tested on 100 Indians before conducting a larger trial

2020-10-22 7

Dr Reddy's, which will supply the vaccine in India, has been asked to distribute the clinical trial sites geographically to increase participation from different states in India.
Banks need relief too, helping only borrowers will hamper next round of credit growth

2020-10-17 7

As the moratorium on loan repayments ends, the government will have to answer the key question about how to treat defaulting borrowers.
People don't get nutrition in plants, but AI can

2020-08-24 7

Humans lack a molecular understanding of plants, but emerging technologies can help them understand the power of plants to improve health & wellness outcomes.
Facebook, Swiggy, Zomato, Netflix — how AI is finding its way into our daily life

2019-12-14 7

Artificial intelligence or AI, a breakthrough achievement of modern tech, is already so pervasive that we use it dozens of times daily without realising it.