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This is the most important skill for the digital age

2017-10-20 1,923 futureofwork

Emotional intelligence is key in the digital age.
Artificial Intelligence The Weapon Of The Next Cold War?

2018-01-30 1,719 AI

As tensions between the US and Russia escalate, both sides are developing technological capabilities, including artificial intelligence that could be used in conflict.
Will artificial intelligence become conscious?

2017-12-08 1,437 AI artificialintelligence Technews AUTOMATION

Researchers' views depend in part on what technology is (or will be) capable of – and in part on what consciousness actually is.
Big data could bring about workplace utopia – or the office from hell

2018-01-08 1,394

The use of big data at work could promote well-being – but only in very specific conditions.
Six ways (and counting) that big data systems are harming society

2017-12-07 1,158

The risks of big data are not getting enough attention.
5 reasons robots aren't going to take over the world

2018-04-19 903 AI Automation

Many of the things that make us human, remain human. For now.
How blockchain is strengthening tuna traceability to combat illegal fishing

2018-01-25 849

Blockchain is now helping to bring much-needed transparency to the global tuna industry, which has been prone to corruption, human slavery and unsustainable fishing practices.
Artificial intelligence could reinforce our gender equality issues

2018-03-09 813 ArtificialIntelligence

We are not only living in an age where women are being under-represented in many spheres of economic life, but technology could make this even worse. Women hold just 19% of board directorships in the US and Europe. This gender gap in the boardroom persists, despite the fact that, on average, women have obtained higher educational qualifications than their male counterparts for more than two decades in many OECD countries. And the main reason is social bias.
Here's how Canada can be a global leader in ethical AI

2018-02-22 686

Canada has a clear choice. Either it embraces the potential of being a leader in responsible AI, or it risks legitimating a race to the bottom where ethics, inequity and justice are absent.
Women are less likely to be replaced by robots and might even benefit from automation

2018-05-17 625

Women have less to fear than men, and probably more to benefit, from the advent of robots.
Why AI can't ever reach its full potential without a physical body

2020-10-05 589 ArtificialIntelligence

How could a software box have a subjective viewpoint of, and in, the physical world that humans inhabit?
Using blockchain to secure the 'internet of things'

2018-03-08 542 blockchain internetofthings Deeplearning BitCoin

More connected devices means more vulnerability to cyberattacks. Is there a cheap, easy and secure way to protect the internet and the world?
This AI professor shares the concerns with giving a robot citizenship

2017-11-03 516

A robot named Sophia was granted citizenship by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Artificial intelligence must know when to ask for human help

2019-03-07 513 ArtificialIntelligence MachineLearning IoT

When algorithms are at work, there should be a human safety net to prevent harming people. Artificial intelligence systems can be taught to ask for help.
Artificial intelligence could spark a worker rebellion - Business Insider

2017-10-28 468 futureofwork

The looming artificial intelligence job takeover could be a bigger problem because its benefits will go to the few who own the technology.
Scared of AI? You may be making some rather unscientific assumptions

2018-09-26 439

As AI threatens to replace us, should we be afraid of the machines or the people controlling them?
Faster, more accurate diagnoses: Healthcare applications of AI research

2019-04-14 406 Healthcare Digitalhealth

A research lab at the University of Saskatchewan is pursuing the applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning to healthcare diagnoses.
Why the adventure is just beginning for artificial intelligence

2017-10-21 388

AI is absolutely nothing new, but there's still more to come.
Why we need to stop worrying about our role in a robotic future

2018-02-22 379 futureofwork

Our negative attitudes towards automation need to change if we're going to be realistic about what the future holds.