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Artificial intelligence for reducing food waste

2021-04-01 1,358 artificialintelligence

In Germany, around 12 million tons of food end up in the trash every year. Over 30 percent of that is already destroyed in the production process. In the Resource-efficient Intelligent Foodchain ("REIF") project, the Fraunhofer ...
Data science and artificial intelligence for the public good

2021-03-26 1,333 DataScience

The Federal Statistical Office (FSO) is joining forces with the Swiss Data Science Center, a joint venture between the two federal institutes of technology, to encourage the use of data science and artificial intelligence ...
'Liquid' machine-learning system adapts to changing conditions

2021-01-28 752

MIT researchers have developed a type of neural network that learns on the job, not just during its training phase. These flexible algorithms, dubbed "liquid" networks, change their underlying equations to continuously adapt ...
Researchers are helping artificial intelligence understand fairness

2021-03-22 601

"What is fair?" feels like a rhetorical question. But for Michigan State University's Pang-Ning Tan, it's a question that demands an answer as artificial intelligence systems play a growing role in deciding who gets proper ...
Researchers develop 'explainable' artificial intelligence algorithm

2021-04-01 575 ArtificialIntelligence MachineLearning

Researchers from the University of Toronto and LG AI Research have developed an "explainable" artificial intelligence (XAI) algorithm that can help identify and eliminate defects in display screens.
The complexity of artificial intelligence

2021-03-05 512

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, makes us look better in selfies, obediently tells us the weather when we ask Alexa for it, and rolls out self-drive cars. It is the technology that enables machines to learn from experience ...
Artificial intelligence revolution offers benefits and challenges

2021-03-23 469

Australia could once again have a globally competitive manufacturing sector by using automation driven by artificial intelligence (AI). That's the view of University of Adelaide researchers who are aiming to play a major ...
System brings deep learning to Internet of Things devices

2020-11-13 460

Deep learning is everywhere. This branch of artificial intelligence curates your social media and serves your Google search results. Soon, deep learning could also check your vitals or set your thermostat. MIT researchers ...
Tech Xplore - Machine learning drives NSynth Super's new sounds of music

2018-03-15 439

Look what Project Magenta people have been up to. After creating NSynth algorithm they have come up with a machine to serve as instrument, acting as the physical interface for the NSynth algorithm.
Evolvable neural units that can mimic the brain's synaptic plasticity

2021-01-14 435

Machine learning techniques are designed to mathematically emulate the functions and structure of neurons and neural networks in the brain. However, biological neurons are very complex, which makes artificially replicating ...
With little training, machine-learning algorithms can uncover hidden scientific knowledge

2019-07-03 423

Sure, computers can be used to play grandmaster-level chess (chess_computer), but can they make scientific discoveries? Researchers at the U.S. Department of Energy's Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (Berkeley Lab) have ...
50 million artificial neurons to facilitate machine-learning research

2020-10-02 396 neuromorphic

Fifty million artificial neurons—a number roughly equivalent to the brain of a small mammal—were delivered from Portland, Oregon-based Intel Corp. to Sandia National Laboratories last month, said Sandia project leader ...
Novel math could bring machine learning to the next level

2019-09-02 330 MachineLearning AI

A team of Italian mathematicians, including a neuroscientist from the Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown (CCU), in Lisbon, Portugal, has shown that artificial vision machines can learn to recognize complex images more quickly ...
Neural network CLIP mirrors human brain neurons in image recognition

2021-03-10 315

Open AI, the research company founded by Elon Musk, has just discovered that their artificial neural network CLIP shows behavior strikingly similar to a human brain. This find has scientists hopeful for the future of AI networks' ...
Neuroscientists find a way to make object-recognition models perform better

2020-12-04 276

Computer vision models known as convolutional neural networks can be trained to recognize objects nearly as accurately as humans do. However, these models have one significant flaw: Very small changes to an image, which would ...
A deep learning technique to solve Rubik's cube and other problems step-by-step

2021-02-26 253

Colin G. Johnson, an associate professor at the University of Nottingham, recently developed a deep-learning technique that can learn a so-called "fitness function" from a set of sample solutions to a problem. This technique, ...
Scientists use reinforcement learning to train quantum algorithm

2020-08-26 245

Recent advancements in quantum computing have driven the scientific community's quest to solve a certain class of complex problems for which quantum computers would be better suited than traditional supercomputers. To improve ...
Artificial skin heals wounds and makes robots sweat

2020-06-25 239

Imagine a dressing that releases antibiotics on demand and absorbs excessive wound exudate at the same time. Researchers at Eindhoven University of Technology hope to achieve just that, by developing a smart coating that actively releases and absorbs multiple fluids, triggered by a radio signal. This material is not only beneficial for the health care industry, it is also very promising in the field of robotics or even virtual reality.
Developing brain atlas using deep learning algorithms

2018-07-23 232 BigData Datascience IoT

A team of researchers from the Brain Research Institute of the University of Zurich and the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH) have developed a fully automated brain registration method that could be used to segment ...