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Do Our Brains Use Deep Learning to Make Sense of the World?

2017-12-20 1,796 deeplearning

Neuroscientists have a lead they could experimentally test: that the structure of neurons underlie nature’s own deep learning algorithm. The human brain.
8 Ways AI Will Transform Our Cities by 2030

2017-11-25 1,734 ArtificialIntelligence TECH INNOVATION HealthTech SmartCities publicsafety iot smartcity BigData

Here’s how the 100 Year Study on Artificial Intelligence thinks AI will affect eight key domains of city life between now and 2030.
How Fast Is AI Progressing? Stanford's New Report Card for Artificial Intelligence

2018-01-18 1,385 artificialintelligence

When? This is probably the question futurists, AI experts, and even people with a keen interest in technology dread most. It's been famously difficult to predict when developments in AI will take place. Stanford's new AI Index aims to clarify the situation by regularly defining and measuring AI progress.
When Will We Finally Achieve True Artificial Intelligence?

2018-01-01 1,344

A look back at the history of artificial intelligence and AI predictions shows advances in the field have both surprised us and taken longer than expected.
CRISPR Can Now Hitch a Ride on Nanoparticles to Battle Disease

2017-12-10 1,331

CRISPR gene editing's dirty secret? There’s no perfect way to deliver CRISPR to cells safely. Now, a new study suggests nanoparticles may be the answer.
Machines Teaching Each Other Could Be the Biggest Exponential Trend in AI

2018-01-21 1,139 machinelearning Artificialintelligence

Intelligent systems, like those powered by the latest round of machine learning software, aren’t just getting smarter: they’re getting smarter faster. What we might call “machine teaching”—when devices communicate gained knowledge to one another—is a radical step up in the speed at which these systems improve.
Tech Is Becoming Emotionally Intelligent, and It's Big Business

2017-11-02 1,117 AI MachineLearning

Tech can be frustrating. The last thing one might expect is for that same tech to pick up on their emotions and engage with them differently as a result.
The Farms of the Future Will Be Automated From Seed to Harvest

2017-10-30 1,060

In the not-too-distant future, every operation on farms—from seed to harvest—may be automated, without the need to ever get one’s fingernails dirty.
Here's How to Get to Conscious Machines, Neuroscientists Say

2017-11-01 955

If consciousness results purely from computations in our brain, then endowing machines with a similar quality may only require translating biology to code.
Neuroeducation Will Lead to Big Breakthroughs in Learning

2017-11-03 952

As neuroscience brings greater understanding of the human brain, experts are applying those findings in the classroom to improve how we teach and learn.
This Week’s Awesome Stories From Around the Web (Through November 18)

2017-11-20 917

From Tesla launching it's new electric Semi truck to Boston Dynamics releasing the latest on their robotic dog, check out these awesome tech stories.
A 'Google Maps' for the Mouse Brain Details Neurons Like Never Before

2017-12-11 897

MouseLight is the most detailed map of the mouse brain yet. Scientists hope this brain map, and others like it, can help unravel the brain's mysteries.
These 7 Disruptive Technologies Could Be Worth Trillions of Dollars

2017-10-20 887 ArtificialIntelligence

Scientists, technologists, engineers, and visionaries are building the future. Amazing things are in the pipeline. It’s a big deal. But you already knew all that. Such speculation is common. What’s less common? Scale. How big is big? “Silicon Valley, Silicon Alley, Silicon Dock, all of the Silicons around the world, they are dreaming the dream. …
The 10 Grand Challenges Facing Robotics in the Next Decade

2018-02-06 857 AI

Robotics research has been making great strides in recent years, but there are still many hurdles to the machines becoming a ubiquitous presence in our lives. The journal Science Robotics has now identified 10 grand challenges the field will have to grapple with to make that a reality.
How Technology Is Leading Us Into the Imagination Age

2017-11-19 838

The imagination age is a theoretical period beyond the information age where creativity and imagination will become the primary creators of economic value.
5 Wild Biotech Products That Will Touch Our Lives in the Near Future

2017-12-09 808

Cultured meat, a “MicrobeMiner” for antibiotics, liquid biocomputers—a new wave of consumer biotech products is changing the world, and your shopping cart.
You've Heard All About CRISPR Gene Editing—Here's How It Works

2017-11-22 696

The most commonly discussed gene editing method these days is CRISPR/Cas9. Here's what you need to know about how it works.
Machine Learning vs. Climate Change: AI for the Greener Good

2019-07-21 627 ClimateChange InternetofThings

Machine learning algorithms can process huge amounts of data, from real-time weather conditions to video streams from areas near solar panels.
What AI Can Now Do Is Remarkable—But How It's Learning Is More Significant

2017-11-03 593

Major websites all over the world use a system called CAPTCHA to verify that someone is indeed a human and not a bot when entering data or signing into an account. CAPTCHA stands for the “Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart.” The squiggly letters and numbers, often posted against photographs …