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This year the world woke up to the society-shifting power of artificial intelligence — Quartz

2017-12-19 1,881 MachineLearning ArtificialIntelligence

In less than five years, a 2012 academic breakthrough in artificial intelligence evolved into the technology responsible for making healthcare decisions, deciding whether prisoners should go free, and determining what we see on the internet. Machine learning is beginning to invisibly touch nearly every aspect of our lives; its ability to automate decision making challenges the future...
Alibaba's cloud services are reshaping city traffic in cities across Asia — Quartz

2018-01-29 1,757 ai artificialintelligence ML IoT

Alibaba, China's largest online retailer, is deploying its cloud-computing power to save Asia's cities from their suffocating traffic. Its subsidiary AliCloud announced today (Jan. 29) that it will use artificial intelligence to help alleviate road congestion in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The company deployed its traffic-management system, called City Brain, in Hangzhou, China—where Alibaba is headquartered—in September 2016. Afterwards, ...
Artificial intelligence (AI) should be raised like children, not computers — Quartz

2018-01-05 1,433 ArtificialIntelligence MachineLearning

A few years ago, when my son was barely three, he confused me for a slow hard drive. As I was explaining a new concept to him, I stumbled. While I searched my brain for the right words, he looked up at me: “Mama, it’s loading.” We are surely on a path to faster downloads....
Netflix's Will Smith movie "Bright" acts like algorithms made it — Quartz

2018-01-14 1,375

Bright isn't your typical blockbuster. The $90 million movie with action star Will Smith is the kind of tentpole project major studios rely on to bring in big box-office dollars. You'd expect to see it in theaters during the winter holidays, and promoted heavily with trailers and marketing materials. In typical Hollywood fashion, there's already a...
Google's voice-generating AI is now indistinguishable from humans — Quartz

2017-12-26 1,327 MachineLearning AI ArtificialIntelligence IoT Google neuralNetwork

Humans have officially given their voice to machines. A research paper published by Google this month—which has not been peer reviewed—details a text-to-speech system called Tacotron 2, which claims near-human accuracy at imitating audio of a person speaking from text. The system is Google's second official generation of the technology, which consists of two deep...
"Talk to Books" at TED 2018: Ray Kurzweil unveils Google's astounding new search tool will answer any question by reading thousands of books — Quartz

2018-04-14 1,027 AI talktobooks

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Imagine if you could gather thousands of writers in a circle to discuss one question. What would optimist Thomas L. Friedman say about intervening in Syria, for example? Would chaos theorist Santo Banerjee concur? Google now has a way to convene that kind of forum—in half a second. Speaking to TED curator...
How AI could transform the way we measure kids' intelligence — Quartz

2018-07-24 1,019 edtech IoT futureofeducation

There is a saying in education that you treasure what you measure. Going by the standardized tests that dominate schools in many countries around the world, we’re teaching children that we value only a very narrow definition of intelligence—the ability to solve word problems about train times, or identify the purpose of a World War...
Illegal fishing in Africa aided by lack of big data — Quartz

2018-01-28 1,014

The lack of a comprehensive database on fishing vessels, their exact location, and if they were engaging in illicit activities is undermining the global efforts to curb illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing, a new study says. The lack of big data infrastructure and better cooperation mechanisms are hindering governments from tackling illegal trawling, says UK-based...
Could AI make better policy than politicians? — Quartz

2019-03-19 872 ArtificialIntelligence

"It challenges the very notion of popular sovereignty."
What Kai-Fu Lee's surprise cancer diagnosis taught him about work — Quartz

2018-10-11 848 AI futureofwork

When Kai-Fu Lee, the former president of Google China, received a surprise stage-4 cancer diagnosis, it gave him hope for the future of work.
Artificial intelligence and climate change will ruin us, but blockchain and women will save us — Quartz

2018-01-26 825 artificialintelligence blockchain

In Davos this week, 3,000 world leaders and business bosses attended hundreds of talks, workshops, dinners, and other get-togethers. The takeaway: Artificial intelligence and climate change are going to ruin us, but blockchain and women are going to save us. While advances in AI are undoubtedly significant for humanity—Google CEO Sundar Pichai compared AI to...
Artificial intelligence is learning to see in the dark — Quartz

2018-05-17 807 ArtificialIntelligence DataScience

Cameras—especially phone cameras—are terrible at taking pictures in the dark. The tiny image sensors in most modern cameras can only absorb a small amount of light, which often results in dark, grainy images. To try to solve this problem without inventing a new image sensor, researchers at Intel and the University of Illinois Urbana-Champlain taught...
AI will be the art movement of the 21st century — Quartz

2018-03-05 762 DeepLearning

Most agree that AI will be the defining technology of our time, but our predictions tend to differ wildly. Either AI will become the perfect servant, ushering in a new era of productivity and leisure one weather report at a time (Hi, Alexa), or it’ll master us, consigning humanity to the ash heap of biological...
China has shot far ahead of the US on AI patents — Quartz

2018-03-02 678

China wants to become a country of innovation, and lead the world in artificial intelligence in 2030. By one indicator, it's on its way. China is outdoing the US in some kinds of AI-related intellectual property, according to a report published in mid-February by US business research firm CB Insights. The number of patents with the...
Europe is determined to break the US and Chinas artificial intelligence duopoly — Quartz

2018-05-02 674 automation

The United States and China currently dominate the world of artificial intelligence, but used very different approaches to get there. While the US's academic system has generated and incubated the research that made today's AI possible, China's government has pledged billions in funding and offered the technology its full-throated support. It's a space-race redux, where world...
Gates Foundation, Masiyiwa, Oxford back future of work in Africa study — Quartz

2018-02-06 635

A lot has been written about how the deployment of new technologies could help African countries solve, or even leapfrog, some of the many developmental problems they face on a daily basis. But technological advances also do bring their own challenges. Primary among those concerns is that everything from digital connectivity to artificial intelligence to...
Pandas: Meet Wes McKinney, the man behind the most important tool in data science — Quartz

2017-12-08 629

Wes McKinney hates the idea of researchers wasting their time. "Scientists unnecessarily dealing with the drudgery of simple data manipulation tasks makes me feel terrible," he says. Perhaps more than any other person, McKinney has helped fix that problem. McKinney is the developer of "Pandas", one of the main tools used by data analysts working...
The robots will actually create more jobs for high-skilled tech workers in India — Quartz

2017-11-13 607

The casualties of automation are on the rise, but it's not bad news for everyone. Nearly one third (700,000) of low-skilled workers in India's IT sector could lose their jobs by 2022 due to an uptick in the adoption of robotics and artificial intelligence. But those in medium- and high-skilled jobs stand to gain from...
Modi government pushes for artificial intelligence like China—but is India ready for it? — Quartz

2018-02-14 587 FinTech

Artificial intelligence (AI) has finally caught the Indian government's attention. On Feb. 01, delivering his budget speech, finance minister Arun Jaitley told parliament that the government think-tank, Niti Aayog, will spearhead a national programme on AI, including research and development. The intent showed in the numbers: Budget allocation for Digital India, the government's umbrella initiative to...
Faced with a doctor shortage, a Chinese hospital is betting big on artificial intelligence to treat patients — Quartz

2018-04-04 495 HealthCare

In China, going to the hospital typically means that one could spend hours queuing for a consultation that lasts for just minutes. Now, a hospital in the southern metropolis of Guangzhou is looking to relieve the problem with artificial intelligence. The Guangzhou Second Provincial Central Hospital has incorporated AI into almost every area in its...