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2017-10-23 3,605 AI internet news portal provides the latest news on science including: Physics, Space Science, Earth Science, Health and Medicine
'Robo-taxis' hold promise, and perils, for automakers

2017-11-30 2,372

It's November 22, 2028 and Sarah, a young mother, gives her two children a kiss goodbye before buckling them into the driverless car that will bring them to school.
Algorithm better at diagnosing pneumonia than radiologists

2017-11-18 1,872

Stanford researchers have developed a deep-learning algorithm that evaluates chest X-rays for signs of disease.
Volvo to supply Uber with self-driving cars (Update)

2017-11-30 1,788

Swedish carmaker Volvo Cars said Monday it has signed an agreement to supply "tens of thousands" of self-driving cars to Uber, as the ride-sharing company battles a number of different controversies.
Distributing control of deep learning training delivers 10x performance improvement

2017-12-12 1,707

My IBM Research AI team and I recently completed the first formal theoretical study of the convergence rate and communications complexity associated with a decentralized distributed approach in a deep learning training setting. ...
New human mobility prediction model offers scalability, requires less data

2017-11-30 1,694

A new method to predict human mobility—which can be used to chart the potential spread of disease or determine rush hour bottlenecks—has been developed by a team of researchers, including one from Arizona State University.
China maintains reign over world supercomputer rankings: survey

2017-11-30 1,454

China now has more high-performance supercomputers than ever before, again besting the United States in global rankings, a supercomputer tracking organisation said.
Using math to study a masterpiece

2017-11-30 1,347

Combining the mathematics of digital image processing with the history, craftsmanship and science of art conservation, the Bass Connections Image Processing Algorithms for Art Conservation team spent last year working with ...
US charges Iranian over 'Game of Thrones' HBO hack

2017-11-30 1,327

The United States on Tuesday charged an Iranian computer whiz with hacking into HBO, stealing scripts and plot summaries for "Games of Thrones," and trying to extort $6 million in Bitcoin out of the network.
Artificial intelligence in quantum systems, too

2017-10-23 1,308

Quantum biomimetics consists of reproducing in quantum systems certain properties exclusive to living organisms. Researchers at University of the Basque Country have imitated natural selection, learning and memory in a new ...
Privacy fears over artificial intelligence as crimestopper

2017-11-12 990

Police in the US state of Delaware are poised to deploy "smart" cameras in cruisers to help authorities detect a vehicle carrying a fugitive, missing child or straying senior.
Quantum machine learning

2017-12-12 776

Language acquisition in young children is apparently connected with their ability to detect patterns. In their learning process, they search for patterns in the data set that help them identify and optimize grammar structures ...
Using deep learning to predict emergency room visits

2018-04-25 582

At IBM Research, we are exploring new solutions for a range of health care challenges. One such challenge is emergency room (ER) overcrowding, which can lead to long wait times for treatment. Overcrowding results in part ...
Machine learning for sensors

2019-06-03 577

Today microcontrollers can be found in almost any technical device, from washing machines to blood pressure meters and wearables. Researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems IMS have developed ...
First machine learning method capable of accurate extrapolation

2018-07-13 490

Understanding how a robot will react under different conditions is essential to guaranteeing its safe operation. But how do you know what will break a robot without actually damaging it? A new method developed by scientists ...
Using deep-learning techniques to locate potential human activities in videos

2018-08-30 468

When a police officer begins to raise a hand in traffic, human drivers realize that the officer is about to signal them to stop. But computers find it harder to work out people's next likely actions based on their current ...
Combating hunger with artificial intelligence

2018-06-22 408

In order to improve world food conditions, a team around computer science professor Kristian Kersting was inspired by the technology behind Google News.
Finally, machine learning interprets gene regulation clearly

2019-12-26 381

In this age of "big data," artificial intelligence (AI) has become a valuable ally for scientists. Machine learning algorithms, for instance, are helping biologists make sense of the dizzying number of molecular signals that ...
New machine learning tool diagnoses electron beams in an efficient, non-invasive way

2021-03-24 361

Beams of accelerated electrons power electron microscopes, X-ray lasers, medical accelerators and other devices. To optimize the performance of these applications, operators must be able to analyze the quality of the beams and adjust them as needed.