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Machine Learning‐Driven Bioelectronics for Closed‐Loop Control of Cells - Selberg - - Advanced Intelligent Systems - Wiley Online Library

2020-09-25 72

From the simplest unicellular organisms to complex animals, feedback control based on sensing and actuation is a staple of self‐regulation in biological processes and is a key to life itself. Malfu...
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Computational Nanotoxicology: Unlocking and Empowering Nanomedicine - Singh - - Advanced Healthcare Materials - Wiley Online Library

2020-07-06 59

Abstract Advances in nanomedicine, coupled with novel methods of creating advanced materials at the nanoscale, have opened new perspectives for the development of healthcare and medical products. S...
Neural reading - Orekhov - 2020 - Orbis Litterarum - Wiley Online Library

2020-11-21 44

Abstract The creation of poems via neural networks is relatively easy nowadays and the internet is replete with corresponding examples. However, it largely lacks interpretive concepts. What should ...
Blockchain for explainable and trustworthy artificial intelligence - Nassar - - Wiley Interdisciplinary Reviews: Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery - Wiley Online Library

2019-10-26 35

Abstract The increasing computational power and proliferation of big data are now empowering Artificial Intelligence (AI) to achieve massive adoption and applicability in many fields. The lack of e...
Explainable artificial intelligence and machine learning: A reality rooted perspective - Emmert‐Streib - - WIREs Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery     - Wiley Online Library

2020-06-25 29

Abstract As a consequence of technological progress, nowadays, one is used to the availability of big data generated in nearly all fields of science. However, the analysis of such data possesses va...
Estimating treatment effects with machine learning - McConnell - - Health Services Research - Wiley Online Library

2019-10-11 29

Abstract Objective To demonstrate the performance of methodologies that include machine learning (ML) algorithms to estimate average treatment effects under the assumption of exogeneity (selection ...
Deep learning: A philosophical introduction - Buckner - - Philosophy Compass - Wiley Online Library

2019-08-20 28

Absract Deep learning is currently the most prominent and widely successful method in artificial intelligence. Despite having played an active role in earlier artificial intelligence and neural net...
Machine learning applications in epilepsy - Abbasi - - Epilepsia - Wiley Online Library

2019-09-03 27

Abstract Machine learning leverages statistical and computer science principles to develop algorithms capable of improving performance through interpretation of data rather than through explicit in...
Bias in data‐driven artificial intelligence systems—An introductory survey - Ntoutsi - - WIREs Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery     - Wiley Online Library

2020-02-16 25

Abstract Artificial Intelligence (AI)‐based systems are widely employed nowadays to make decisions that have far‐reaching impact on individuals and society. Their decisions might affect everyone, e...
Learning to see the wood for the trees: machine learning, decision trees, and the classification of isolated theropod teeth - Wills - - Palaeontology - Wiley Online Library

2020-10-30 24

Abstract Taxonomic identification of fossils based on morphometric data traditionally relies on the use of standard linear models to classify such data. Machine learning and decision trees offer po...
Artificial intelligence in health care: preparing for the fifth Industrial Revolution

2020-09-07 24

Artificial intelligence in health care: preparing for the fifth Industrial Revolution
Artificial intelligence in emergency medicine: A scoping review - Kirubarajan - - Journal of the American College of Emergency Physicians Open - Wiley Online Library

2020-11-08 18

Abstract Introduction Despite the growing investment in and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) in medicine, the applications of AI in an emergency setting remain unclear. This scoping review ...
Holistic Prediction of the pKa in Diverse Solvents Based on a Machine‐Learning Approach - Yang - - Angewandte Chemie International Edition - Wiley Online Library

2020-08-26 18

Abstract While many approaches to predict aqueous pKa values exist, the fast and accurate prediction of non‐aqueous pKa values is still challenging. Based on the iBonD experimental pKa database (39...
The future of surgery - Alderson - 2019 - BJS - Wiley Online Library

2018-12-26 18

BJS is the official publication of the ASGBI and is the premier peer-reviewed surgical journal in Europe.