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Harvard, Google team up to tap the collective mind in medicine – Harvard Gazette

2019-04-05 101

Machine learning is an adaptive form of artificial intelligence that could allow physicians to use the collective wisdom of billions of medical decisions, patient cases, and outcomes to inform diagnosis and treatment.
Ensuring antibiotic effectiveness with big data – Harvard Gazette

2018-06-15 35

Harvard Medical School symposium examines the role of big data in fighting drug-resistant microbes.
Study shows that students learn more when taking part in classrooms that employ active-learning strategies – Harvard Gazette

2019-09-05 30

A new Harvard study shows that, though students felt like they learned more from traditional lectures, they actually learned more when taking part in active-learning classrooms.
Understanding data is key to unlocking job opportunities – Harvard Gazette

2018-09-04 27

New course brings data to a different audience as its importance continues to grow in different directions.
Harvard Data Science Initiative rolls out new research areas – Harvard Gazette

2018-08-14 27

After a successful first year, the Harvard Data Science Initiative puts its focus on five new research areas and four new fellows.
Mining Facebook data for science – Harvard Gazette

2018-07-11 25

An organization co-created by Harvard scientists is set to release a massive trove of Facebook data, strictly for research purposes.
Machine learning models predict mice lifespan – Harvard Gazette

2020-09-15 21

Researchers have built two machine learning models that gauge biological age and predict remaining lifespan in mice.
Harvard undergrad’s AI model helps to predict TB resistance – Harvard Gazette

2019-05-02 21

A Harvard undergrad, working with Harvard Medical School scientists, has designed an artificial intelligence model that predicts tuberculosis resistance to 10 most commonly used drugs. The new model outperforms previous machine-learning tools, and incorporating it into clinical tests could dramatically enhance early detection and prompt treatment of drug-resistant TB.
Researchers propose ‘machine behavior’ field could blend AI, social sciences – Harvard Gazette

2019-06-08 17

Researchers propose a new field of study — “machine behavior” — to look at artificial intelligence through the lens of biology, economics, psychology, and other behavioral and social sciences.
An open-source AI tool available to study movement across behaviors and species – Harvard Gazette

2018-08-31 17

A team of researchers from the Rowland Institute at Harvard, Harvard University, and the University of Tübingen is turning to artificial intelligence technology to make it far easier than ever before to track animals’ movements in the lab.
Harvard, Princeton scientists make AI breakthrough for fusion energy – Harvard Gazette

2019-04-23 16

Scientists from Harvard and Princeton have teamed up to create an artificial intelligence algorithm that can predict destructive disruptions in nuclear fusion experiments
Harvard scientists probe aftershocks with AI – Harvard Gazette

2018-09-06 15

Sparked by a suggestion from researchers at Google, Harvard scientists are using artificial intelligence technology to analyze a database of earthquakes from around the world in an effort to predict where aftershocks might occur. Using deep-learning algorithms, they developed a system that, while still imprecise, was able to forecast aftershocks significantly better than random assignment.
In health care, AI offers promise — and hype – Harvard Gazette

2019-03-01 14

AI is coming to a hospital near you — but it may be in the world’s remote regions that it could impact patients most. However, experts gathered at Harvard said its potential will not be realized unless it is deployed as part of broader health care solutions, not simply as a tool in search of problems.
Researchers develop a method to identify computer-generated text – Harvard Gazette

2019-07-27 12

Researchers at the SEAS and IBM Research developed a better way to help people detect AI-generated text.
Harvard works to embed ethics in computer science curriculum – Harvard Gazette

2019-01-29 11

Computer science students examine issues such as privacy, censorship, and fake news in courses co-designed by philosophy professors as Harvard works to embed ethics in the curriculum, creating a national model.
Next generation of robots crawl, run, fly into the real world – Harvard Gazette

2018-01-24 9

The first article in a series on cutting-edge research at Harvard explores advances in robotics.
Wyss researchers predict biggest scientific advances of 2020s – Harvard Gazette

2020-01-14 8

The Wyss Institute asked its faculty members to predict the biggest scientific advancements in their fields in the next 10 years.
A recipe for how high schools can foster ‘deeper learning’ – Harvard Gazette

2019-08-23 8

An interview with HGSE professor Jal Mehta about the book “In Search of Deeper Learning” he co-authored with Sarah Fine, Ed.M. ’13, Ed.D. ’17. The book examines the American high school and where students are experiencing deeper learning, which involves engagement, joy, and a sense of community.
Events Calendar – Harvard Gazette

2019-04-13 7

A complete list of events, including student organizations, public lectures, and closed events for the Harvard University community.
At Harvard, adding AI to M.D. – Harvard Gazette

2019-04-08 7

Researchers at Harvard Medical School’s Blavatnik Institute are developing an algorithm with information that is so complex, it will understand everything a first-year medical student knows.