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Machine Learning Can Use Tweets To Spot Critical Security Flaws - Slashdot

2019-03-08 30

Researchers at Ohio State University, the security company FireEye, and research firm Leidos last week published a paper [PDF] describing a new system that reads millions of tweets for mentions of software security vulnerabilities, and then, using their machine-learning-trained algorithm, assessed h...
AI Researchers Create Testing Tool To Find Bugs in NLP From Amazon, Google, and Microsoft - Slashdot

2020-07-09 19

AI researchers have created a language-model testing tool that discovers major bugs in commercially available cloud AI offerings from Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. Yesterday, a paper detailing the CheckList tool received the Best Paper award from organizers of the Association for Computational Ling...
Microsoft Word is Getting Text Predictions Next Month - Slashdot

2021-02-22 9

Microsoft is planning to add text predictions to Word in March. From a report: The new feature will work similarly to Google Docs' Smart Compose option, using machine learning to predict what words an author will need to speed up document creation. Microsoft originally announced a beta of text predi...