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Leveraging AI and ML for Risk Management and Compliance

2020-10-10 30

Compliance and risk management cloud solutions have given us incredible advantages. Data driven and human vetted processes have become the new key.
How Artificial Intelligence Can Improve Cybersecurity Practices

2020-07-14 28

The author discusses the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in alleviating the perennial talent shortage in the field of cybersecurity.
Cybersecurity Magazine

2020-06-22 10

CISO MAG publication features news, comprehensive analysis, cutting-edge features & contributions from cybersecurity thought leaders.
Over 2,000 Magento Stores Hit by a Largest Magecart Attack

2020-09-15 6

Security pros from Sansec discovered a massive Magecart campaign in which over 2,000 Magento online stores were hacked