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Git Aliases — What Are They And How To Use Them?

2020-10-19 16

Being a developer, we work a lot with Git. We tend to write the same commands countless times in a day. Thus, repeating the same long Git commands over and over can become a tedious task. As a…
How To Negotiate Your Salary As A Developer

2020-08-15 15

Knowing how to negotiate your salary as a developer is a must. When I received my first job offer, I was so excited to get a job, that I blindly accepted it. I did not even think of negotiating the salary. After all, I did not want to risk losing the...
JavaScript ES2020 — The Features You Should Know

2020-10-14 12

ES2020 or ECMAScript 2020 brings exciting features to JavaScript. In this article, I want to talk about my favourite features from ES2020. That means the article does not cover all the additions…
Impostor Syndrome — A Developer’s Best Friend

2020-10-17 11

Reading the title, you might say something is wrong with me. But I dare to repeat it. The impostor syndrome is a developer’s best friend when appropriately managed. I also believe that the impostor…