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Cheat Sheets for AI, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Big Data

2017-10-20 4,587 ai machinelearning cheatsheets BigData DataScience RStats Bi cheatsheet fintech numpy tensorflow dataviz Javascript IOT Pytorch

Over the past few months, I have been collecting AI cheat sheets. From time to time I share them with friends and colleagues and recently I have been getting asked a lot, so I decided to organize and…
The Third Wave of AI – Becoming Human

2017-10-25 1,505 ArtificialIntelligence MachineLearning DeepLearning

Over the decades, combinations of various programming techniques have enabled slow spotty progress in AI — punctuated by occasional breakthroughs such as certain expert, decision and planning systems…
Downloadable: Cheat Sheets for AI, Neural Networks, Machine Learning, Deep Learning & Data Science…

2019-03-22 537 AI MachineLearning DeepLearning

Last year, I shared my list of cheat sheets that I have been collecting and the response was enormous. Nearly a million people read the article, tens of thousands shared it, and this list of AI Cheat…
Making a Simple Neural Network – Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine

2018-01-21 359

What are we making ? We’ll try making a simple & minimal Neural Network which we will explain and train to identify something, there will be little to no history or math (tons of that stuff out…
Where is Artificial Intelligence Used Today? - Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine

2019-12-05 312

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is brining a drastic changes in technological fields, where it can be implemented to automate the system for more efficiency and performance. AI is now getting used in…
100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics to Follow in 2019 and beyond

2018-10-31 305 aiethics ArtificialIntelligence

This post originally appeared on As we edge closer to the end of a very eventful year, it seemed like a…
How to Improve Computer Vision in AI Drones Using Image Annotation Services?

2020-02-01 271

The Autonomous flying drone uses the computer vision technology to hover in the air avoiding the objects to keep moving on the right path. Apart from security surveillance and Ariel view monitoring…
From Perceptron to Deep Neural Nets – Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine

2017-12-27 237

As a machine learning engineer, I have been learning and playing with deep learning for quite some time. Now, after finishing all Andrew NG newest deep learning courses in Coursera, I decided to put…
Know the biggest Notable difference between AI vs. Machine Learning

2020-09-26 222

The technological buzz around the world is incomplete without AI and ML. Both of these technologies have revolutionized the world. When we talk about machine learning and artificial intelligence…
Let’s talk about Advanced Analytics: A brief look at Artificial Intelligence

2017-12-27 222

In recent years, the use of certain terms to refer to new technology trends has become normal. We can find plenty of news on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, Big Data and advanced…
What is The Difference Between Data Annotation and Labeling in AI & ML?

2020-06-22 198

Though, Data labeling and annotation are the words used interchangeably to represent the an art of tagging or label the contents available in the various formats. Nowadays both of these techniques…
Conscious Artifical Intelligence C.A.I. Foundations.

2018-11-13 137

I just finished the first in hopefully a series of books about Conscious Artificial Intelligence , rather than copy paste an excerpt I thought it would be more interesting to write a short summary /…
Machine Learning Is Taking Over the Medical Profession — But Not in the Way You Might Think

2018-01-28 128

For most people, medicine will fall into the latter category. But, while medical training gives the hard and fast facts, there is an element of creative thinking involved: an amalgamation of previous…
Are You Ready to Harness the Power of Big Data in Your App?

2019-08-24 126

The following ideas are important pillars of big data app development that aim to maximize the impact of data that you collect and analyze via your app. Apps offer fantastic marketing and business…
Where AI is headed in 2018 – Becoming Human: Artificial Intelligence Magazine

2018-02-02 113

While some experts believe that this technology will advance and augment our intelligence, others have expressed concerns on how a machine’s intelligence becomes strong enough to be a concern
Google Analysis of Online Dataset

2020-09-06 110

According to Google AI Blog there are tens of millions of datasets on the web, use dataset search to find your dataset and start your machine learning project
Forget About Amazon HQ2, Where will AI be Headquartered?

2017-10-29 109

With all the hype of Amazon HQ2, we’re ignoring a more important question — where will AI be headquartered? Won’t these new AI headquarters spawn the next 10 Amazons?
The Importance of Building Dialogue with Conversational AI

2020-02-03 108

Conversational AI platforms have matured over the past couple of years to go from largely novelty chatbot applications to truly scalable interfaces that deliver real results. Despite this, many…
How Much Training Data is required for Chatbot Development?

2020-02-25 106

Developing an AI-based chatbot needs lots of language based data to train the model can understand the speech and communication between humans on certain topics. This question right here is how much…
10 Machine Learning Projects to boost your Portfolio

2020-07-13 92

Getting a good job in the field of Machine Learning is getting very competitive. The best way to showcase your Machine Learning skills is in the form of Portfolio of Data Science and Machine Learning…