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Infographic: 5 Ways AI Will Change The Future Of Work In 2018

2018-01-05 2,979 ArtificialIntelligence FutureofWork infographic Infographics DigitalTransformation internetofthings

To celebrate the launch of our Future of Work issue this month, we've compiled together some of the latest reports in a free infographic.
How can Banks Get Started With Machine Learning?

2017-10-21 255

Here is Ian Foley's, CEO of acuteIQ, exclusive article for AI Business in which he outlines how banks can get started with machine learning.
AI Will Power 95% of Customer Interactions By 2025

2017-10-22 199 Artificialintelligence

Servion Global Solutions has predicted that by 2025, 95% of customer interactions will be powered by AI. Artificial intelligence is quickly becoming a vital part for almost all businesses around…
The Essence of Explainable AI: Interpretability

2019-06-04 161 machinelearning

Interpretability illustrates an immutable fact of machine learning: there are no inherently biased models. Jelani Harper explores why.
5 Ways AI Will Transform Healthcare [Free Infographic]

2018-07-06 157

2018 the year that the future of healthcare comes to fruition. From personalized medicine to CRISPR gene editing, AI has a revolutionary part to play.
By 2025, AI Is Predicted To Power 95% Of All Interactions With Customers - The AI Customer Revolution Is Here [Infographic]

2018-02-09 157

70% of UK CEOs believe that changes to customers demands will disrupt their businesses over the next five years. Read on for more stats in this infographic
Financial Services Must Get More Out of Their Data - AI Holds The Key, says PwC

2017-10-31 148 Fintech

"This is the time of the sharing economy. There are many reasons why banks aren't needed in these times; financial services faces competition everywhere."
Effective Data Strategy and Architecture Are The Key Ingredients for AI Success, say PwC Award Winners

2017-11-16 95

"Beyond talent, data is probably the most important ingredient for delivering an AI solution."
NVIDIA's Seven Strategic Principles For AI In Business

2017-11-10 94

"How and what role do you plan to play in being part of the change that will prepare you and your business for the 4th industrial revolution?"
Democratizing AI: Providing smarter technology for all

2019-11-19 89

In the exponentially growing IoT data landscape, Lenovo is working to democratize AI for organizations and provide smarter technology for all by Robert Daigle, Lenovo 15 November 2019 We hear about new smart technology all the time, from smart speakers to smart watches and even smart refrigerators. While smart products promise to make our lives …
7 Years After IBM Watson's Debut, The World Has Changed Beyond Recognition

2018-06-04 87

IBM Fellow and Watson CTO Rob High examines the rapidly unfolding history of AI - and outlines the future of our planet - in this visionary op-ed.
How You Can Bridge The AI Skills Gap in 2018 [Long Read]

2018-01-11 84

It’s ultimately up to leaders in the C-suite to make bridging the AI skills gap a reality—will 2018 be the year you achieve this for your business?
Senior Executives: Companies Must Overcome AI Skills and Culture Gap To Flourish

2017-10-23 83

A Genpact survey of over 300 senior executives identifies clear challenges ahead for AI adoption - and provides five key strategies for moving forward.
How To Build, Train, Test, And Deploy A Machine Learning Model

2019-04-29 75

by Rahul Parundekar SAN FRANCISCO – Building a machine learning (ML) model is exciting. Arriving, after tweaks and changes and sleepless nights, at something you feel you can use in the real world is likely a relief. Unfortunately, that proof of concept you’ve just created marks the beginning of your work, not the end. After …
How AI Can Help Employers Overcome The Demographic Crunch

2018-08-06 69

Of all the challenges I face as a CEO, nothing is more critical than attracting and retaining talented people. The biggest obstacle is demographic.
The Augmented Boardroom: Bringing AI To The C-Suite [Long Read]

2018-01-23 69

The interest from the public and businesses in AI is abundantly clear. In 2018, the question facing the C-Suite will be, 'how can we get started?'
Practical Machine Learning with Python and Keras

2019-10-02 67

by Daniel Pyrathon, Kite 2 October 2019 Table of Contents What is machine learning, and why do we care? Supervised machine learning Understanding Artificial Neural Networks Neural Network layers Choosing how many hidden layers and neurons Using the Keras library to train a simple Neural Network that recognizes handwritten digits Running the iPython Notebook Locally …
3 Key Problems IoT and AI Can Solve For Cities

2018-08-01 63

some of the most important problems faced by cities around the world can be solved or reduced by IoT and AI -enabled solutions.
Incorporating Machine Learning into a Successful Data Strategy

2019-03-04 62

The foundation of any data-driven initiative should always be a well thought out, holistic data strategy. This particularly applies to workplace AI.
Machine Tears: Can Emotion AI Transform Customer Care? [Long Read]

2018-03-09 62

"Affective computing is about developing an emotion AI system that can provide meaningful feedback to people in real-time while they do their jobs.